Tactical Link QD Convertible Bungee Tactical Sling For AR15 Style Rifles


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Tactical Link QD Convertible Bungee Tactical Sling For AR15 Style Rifles


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What's included (and what isn't)

The best of both worlds - single point and 2 pointConvertible sling
The Convertible Bungee Sling is both a single point sling and a 2 point sling - depending on how you configure it. The ambidextrous Convertible Bungee Sling can be run as a 2 point sling, and in an instant, can quickly be reconfigured as a single point sling by detaching the swivel connector from the front of the weapon and attaching it to the QD triglide at the back of the sling. The QD triglide allows you to leverage the best of both sling types, enabling you to rapidly convert your sling between "single point" mode for more maneuverability and "2 point" mode for extra stability.

Strongest bungee sling on the marketStrongest bungee sling on the market
Made with 4 bands of viagra-injected elastic cord, the Convertible Bungee Sling absorbs the shock / forces from your body (i.e. fast-roping / running), keeps your rifle off the deck and out of the dirt, and provides exceptional weapon retention and support without being a wet noodle (like other bungee slings). With 14 inches of firm stretch the Convertible Bungee Sling provides unprecedented muzzle striking reach and really sucks your weapon back into your shoulder for a firm mount. If you can't bench press 80 lbs you shouldn't buy this sling. Seriously.

Maneuverable and secure Maneuverable and secure
The Convertible Bungee Sling allows you to run your gun as the environment dictates, leveraging the maneuverability of a single point sling and the stability of a 2 point sling. Unlike other convertible slings, ours does not leave unused straps hanging from your weapon when not in use. Do not settle for a sling that restricts your movements or one that compromises your safety with its limitations. If you have to pull on a strap or squeeze a buckle for the sling to fit you correctly you need to ditch that sling.

Military gradeMilitary grade
Because the Convertible Bungee Sling is made from the finest 1.25" mil-spec nylon webbing available with no/low IR signature fibers it is invisible to night vision optics. This is not the sling your dad used when he was in the military. Everything about the Convertible Bungee Sling exemplifies our enduring commitment to build the best quality products for the law enforcement and military operator. Ambidextrous. Light weight. Strong. Comfortable. Silent. One size fits most - best fits those with chests 44" and larger. For those with smaller chests, or those who prefer the rifle to ride high and tight, we recommend the non bungee model.

Easy to useEasy to use
The battle-proven Convertible Bungee Sling features 2 release mechanisms: the swivel connector and a quick-release buckle. In a state of convenience, the swivel connector allows you to connect / disconnect your weapon from your sling, which is especially handy for those who frequently get in and out of vehicles. The quick-release buckle is easily and naturally indexed by your non-dominant hand and allows you to dump your weapon in emergency situations. It is the best convertible bungee sling on the market. Made in USA. Made in USA

100% Satisfaction Money Back GuaranteeSatisfaction guaranteed
We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with this product that we’ve backed your purchase with our 30 day money back guarantee.

For a complete Convertible Sling System, we recommend you use the Convertible Bungee Sling with our Picatinny Rail Sling Mount and Z-360 Sling Mount.

For a convertible sling with MASH hooks (instead of swivel connectors), check out the SCAR Convertible Slings.

Patent(s) Pending.

Product Review from LooseRounds.com
Part 1: I have been running different two (2) point slings for a few years now, and I wanted to compare the Tactical Link line. Since 2005, I have maintained a great relationship with Tactical Link. This relationship started when members of my department’s firearms instructor unit and SWAT team started to T&E some Tactical Link slings and mounts, some of which are still in active use today. As a result, I have been lucky enough to own some very exclusive Tactical Link slings that have been produced for specific military and law enforcement units... read more

Part 2: Here in Part 2, we will review sling performance during transitions and movements with and without load bearing gear. For this part of the review, I used the slings in different shooting sessions with and without gear to cover different shooter needs. My first session involved using the Convertible Slings without wearing load bearing gear. I only wore equipment typically used at a patrol officer/instructor range day... read more

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Customer Reviews

Tactical link bungee qd sling for AR 15


Quick service when I asked for color change on order ( my screw up ). They sent it fast. I got it, hooked it up to my Sig 716 and it's just an awesome system. Great quality, well made. It fits grea and I'm a big guy. SUPERB PRODUCT. Worth every penny.

Reviewed by: Rick from Georgia on 4/23/2015

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Excellent Sling!


This sling is extremely well built and it has the versatility and comfort that other products do not come close to. For a one point/two point combo, this is the sling of choice!

Reviewed by: Frederick Siebert from Cheyenne, Wyoming on 4/9/2015

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Fantastic sling.


I have tried a LOT of slings for my various ARs, this one has worked out the best for me. The quality of manufacture is excellent, the design and operating action of going from a one to a two point sling and back is incredibly easy and solid. I'll admit I was skeptical when I ordered it (I'm trying ANOTHER sling setup?), but I am very glad I did. This is a fantastic product.

Reviewed by: Nathaniel from Charlottesville Virginia on 3/5/2015

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QD Convertible Bungee Tactical Sling


Great sling. Really well made and it looks badass.

Reviewed by: John Schopf from Washington State on 11/17/2015

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Active duty military


Anderson Mfg AR15 Magpul UBR, Hardened Arms complete upper w/CH & BCG, quad rail,16inch S/S barrel. .300 BLK, Vortex Prism 1x, GG&G flip-up BUIS, Knights Armament rail covers, blue printed FCG. Just wish the sling was a little wider.

Reviewed by: Eric Allen from Valrico, Florida on 11/2/2015

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HD convertible sling


I have tried a few slings over the years and the tac link is definitely the most rugged and heavy duty. The craftsmanship is great and the materials are extremely durable. The bungee part of the sling is also very stiff and holds the weight of an AR well. I use this same sling between three different AR platforms, which makes it very economical.

Reviewed by: Rob from Connecticut on 10/30/2015

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Excellent Convertible Sling


Overview: I've been using this sling for the past few years when I'm out on property, primary for hunting/patrolling purposes, so I've put some miles on it. Having the ability to quickly change from two-point to one-point and vise versa gives you the added versatility needed to multitask and ensure your firearm is optimally positioned manageable. I highly recommend this sling. Quality: Materials and craftsmanship are of the highest quality. Some superficial surface imperfections (slight fraying or fuzziness) on the bungee section that is positioned on my shoulder when in single-point mode are showing after some use, but this does not impair the functionality whatsoever. If it had a tensioner-style length adjustment it would be pure perfection. Just buy it!

Reviewed by: Tim Stech from Texas on 10/18/2015

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The Only One That Hasn't Snapped On Me


I've run a few slings. There's always been a weak point that break and ruin the day. After a fair amount of abuse, this Tactical Link sling has proven to be bulletproof. Thanks!

Reviewed by: michael stone from Southern California on 10/15/2015

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Bungee sling


This convertible bungee sling does exactly what it is suppose to. I've also had the non bungee sling and both work great. Very sturdy build. The quick convertibility from two point to one point is flawless. The adjustability to fit you and on the go is very easy. Watch the videos and practice getting used to it. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Reviewed by: Doyle from Texas on 9/11/2015

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Mr Ron


I have used 6-7 other makes and models of slings (from standard cheapie types to high-end) and used them in recreational to on-duty use. The Convertible Bungee Sling from Tactical Link is hands down the best rig out there. I'm currently using it on my Sig Sauer P516. It allows me the ability to carry (in two point mode) and shoot (in single point mode) with ease and accuracy. I love it...

Reviewed by: Ron F from San Diego on 9/10/2015

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