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Convertible Sling for AR15
Convertible Sling for AR15
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What's included (and what isn't)
  • Convertible Sling with the Quick Disconnect Triglide
  • Two (2) heavy duty 1.25" swivel connectors (a $43.90 value)
  • Sling mount(s) are sold separately

The best of both worlds - single point and 2 pointConvertible sling
The Convertible Sling is both a single point sling and a 2 point sling - depending on how you configure it. The ambidextrous Convertible Sling can be run as a 2 point sling, and in an instant, can quickly be reconfigured as a single point sling by detaching the swivel connector from the front of the weapon and attaching it to the QD triglide at the back of the sling. The QD triglide allows you to leverage the best of both sling types, enabling you to rapidly convert your sling between "single point" mode for more maneuverability and "2 point" mode for extra stability.

Maneuverable and secure Maneuverable and secure
The Convertible Sling allows you to run your gun as the environment dictates, leveraging the maneuverability of a single point sling and the stability of a 2 point sling. Unlike other convertible slings, ours does not leave unused straps hanging from your weapon when not in use. Do not settle for a sling that restricts your movements or one that compromises your safety with its limitations. If you have to pull on a strap or squeeze a buckle for the sling to fit you correctly you need to ditch that sling.

Military gradeMilitary grade
Because the Convertible Sling is made from the finest 1.25" mil-spec nylon webbing available with no/low IR signature fibers it is invisible to night vision optics. This is not the sling your dad used when he was in the military. Everything about the Convertible Sling exemplifies our enduring commitment to build the best quality products for the law enforcement and military operator. Ambidextrous. One size fits all. Light weight. Strong. Comfortable. Silent.

Easy to useEasy to use
The battle-proven Convertible Sling features 2 release mechanisms: the swivel connector and a quick-release buckle. In a state of convenience, the swivel connector allows you to connect / disconnect your weapon from your sling, which is especially handy for those who frequently get in and out of vehicles. The quick-release buckle is easily and naturally indexed by your non-dominant hand and allows you to dump your weapon in emergency situations. It is the best convertible sling on the market. Made in USA. Made in USA

100% Satisfaction Money Back GuaranteeSatisfaction guaranteed
We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with this product that we’ve backed your purchase with our 30 day money back guarantee.

For a complete Convertible Sling System
, we recommend you use the Convertible Sling with our Picatinny Rail Mount and Z-360 Sling Mount.

For a convertible sling with MASH hooks (instead of swivel connectors), check out the SCAR Convertible Slings.

Product Review from LooseRounds.com
Part 1: I have been running different two (2) point slings for a few years now, and I wanted to compare the Tactical Link line. Since 2005, I have maintained a great relationship with Tactical Link. This relationship started when members of my department’s firearms instructor unit and SWAT team started to T&E some Tactical Link slings and mounts, some of which are still in active use today. As a result, I have been lucky enough to own some very exclusive Tactical Link slings that have been produced for specific military and law enforcement units... read more

Customer Reviews
Fits like a dream
  Got one to try out and love it. Exactly what I was looking for, rock solid attachments and fits like a glove. Will be getting another for my other AR.
  Reviewed by:  owen from modesto ca. on 1/10/2015
Convertible Sling for AR used on a SCAR
  Very well made and exactly what I was looking for. I am using some aftermarket mounts that make the use of a sling with the quick disconnect possible and love it much more than using hooks or wires. Thanks so much
  Reviewed by:  Julius McAdams from NC. on 4/11/2014
dont by anything buy any sling other than this one
  this review is after using the sling for 2 years I have a 10x12x18 inch box full of slings I held of on this one due to the price but let me tell you I will never by any sling but these and now that quick detach is mainstream and the multitude of attachment point you get the best sling out there with the best fit for you I recommend this to any one that ask me about slings
  Reviewed by:  joe from ohio. on 4/1/2014
Pretty awesome sling!!
  It's worth every penny that I spent! Totally love the sling!
  Reviewed by:  Joker from Kansas. on 3/2/2014
Sling is worth the money!
  This made in the USA sling has top notch construction and hardware. Very comfortable to wear and the bungee material is very strong so your weapon does not pogo around as you move around. Moving from single point to two point or the reverse is effortless and seamless. Sometime back I purchased a lesser bungee sling and it was just awful. Not only was it uncomfortable to wear but the material was so slack your weapon bounced all over the place with any movement you made. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? I sure think so. You will get the quality that you are paying for.
  Reviewed by:  Charles Carroll from Coastal NC. on 2/5/2014
Convertible Sling for AR15
  Outstanding product ! Easy to use and works great !
  Reviewed by:  Andy Thompson from Tampa, Florida. on 8/13/2013
Convertible Sling
  Excellent product. Construction of the sling and hardware are both top notch, converts effortlessly. Will be sure to purchase another one for my next build. Spend the extra money, it's worth it!
  Reviewed by:  Jason from TX. on 8/3/2013
Very nice sling
  Received the convertable sling yesterday, after seeing an instructor at Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, NH using one. I was very impressed with the quality of the sling and the easy of use with the quick disconnect when transitioning from one point to two point sling (smooth as silk).
  Reviewed by:  Bill Romanow from Massachusetts. on 4/18/2013
Love these slings
  I have these slings on each of my carbines, and I'm very pleased with them. Great quality gear from a great company! Thanks Tactical Link!
  Reviewed by:  Jeff from New Jersey. on 4/11/2013
Proud American
  I purchased the Bungee Convertible Sling,when I put it on my AR,I found that it hung just a bit farther down than I liked.I am 6'2" and weigh 185. It was just a bit long for my build. I exchanged it for the standard convertible sling,and it is just what I was looking for,very well made and hangs high on chest where it is most comfortable for me.It appears to have about six or seven inches more of adjustment,which works better for people with a little smaller build.Absolutely love the sling,and if I need to, I can use it as a tow rope to pull my car out of the ditch
  Reviewed by:  Brad M. from Missouri. on 4/8/2013
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