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AR15 Single Point Combo Kit:<br>Stealth Bungee Sling &<br>Gen2 Z360 Sling Mount
AR15 Single Point Combo Kit:
Stealth Bungee Sling &
Gen2 Z360 Sling Mount
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What's included in the AR15 Combo Kit?  2 of our top-selling items:
  • Stealth Bungee Single Point Sling with quick-release buckle >>> more info
  • Z-360 Gen2 Sling Mount with stainless steel threads and QD swivel connection >>> more info
  • One (1) heavy duty 1.25" swivel connector (sewn into sling)

Strongest bungee sling on the marketZ-360 Sling Mount
Made with a permanently secured swivel connector (included) and 4 bands of viagra-injected elastic cord, the Stealth Bungee Sling absorbs the shock / forces from your body (i.e. fast-roping / running), keeps your rifle off the deck and out of the dirt, and provides exceptional weapon retention and support without being a wet noodle (like other bungee slings). With 14 inches of firm stretch the Stealth Bungee Sling provides unprecedented muzzle striking reach and really sucks your weapon back into your shoulder for a firm mount. If you can not bench press 80 lbs you shouldn't buy this sling. Seriously.

Secure connection2 release mechanisms
The battle-proven Stealth Bungee Sling features 2 release mechanisms: a swivel connector and a quick-release buckle. In a state of convenience, the swivel connector allows you to connect / disconnect your weapon from your sling (especially handy for those who frequently enter and exit vehicles). The quick-release buckle is easily and naturally indexed by your non-dominant hand and allows you to dump your weapon in emergency situations. We have thousands of Stealth Bungee Slings in use by the military and we have never had a single failure, ever. It is the best single point bungee sling on the market.

Military gradeCentralized connection
The Stealth Bungee Sling is invisible to night vision optics due to the fact that it is made from the finest 1.25" mil-spec nylon webbing available with no/low IR signature fibers. This is not the sling your dad used when he was in the military. Everything about the Stealth Bungee Sling exemplifies our enduring commitment to build the best quality products for the law enforcement and military operator. Includes permanently secured swivel connector. One size fits all. Light weight. Comfortable. Silent.

What's new about the Gen2 Z-360 Sling Mount?
Like its predecessor, the Z-360 Gen2 is a single point and a 2 point sling mount for collapsible stock models of the AR15 / M4 platform weapons, but with a number of enhancements that improve its durability, compatibility, and overall performance for the most demanding professional shooters.

  • Interlocking clamps for an extremely secure fit
  • Stainless steel threads and swivel connection
  • Highly reinforced polymer construction
  • Accepts all known swivel connectors
  • Smoother, low drag profile
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Stronger and 25% lighter
Z-360 Gen2 Sling Mount

Rock solid fit
The Gen2 was redesigned with interlocking clamps for an extremely secure fit on mil-spec and commercial buffer tubes. Installs in seconds with no weapon disassembly or modification. Fits all known AR15 / M4 mil-spec and commercial collapsible stock models (including the HK 416).

Secure connectionStainless steel connections
The Gen2 features a stainless steel swivel connection and stainless steel threads for corrosion resistance, durability, and product longevity. Universally compatible with all known QD swivel connectors.

available in black & FDEDurable, non-reflective matte finish
The Gen2 Z-360 Sling Mount is made with infrared-reduction impregnated material and has no infrared signature.  Available in a variety of colors: black, Magpul flat dark earth (H-267Q), Magpul foliage green (H-231Q), pink (H-141Q), and zombie green (H-168Q).

Smoother profileLow drag profile
The Z-360 Gen2 Sling Mount’s external geometry was updated with a smoother low-drag profile. This new stealth design clears your fingers when working the charging handle, making it more comfortable to use. Allows full access to collapsible stock positions 1 through 6 (blocks position 0).

Military gradeStronger, faster, lighter
The Gen2 incorporates new material technology and manufacturing processes that have been engineered to exceed rigorous military performance specifications. Made with stainless steel and a highly reinforced performance polymer, the Z-360 Sling Mount is virtually indestructible, 25% lighter, and has been proven to withstand stress tests of over 350 pounds yet weighs only 1 ounce.

Both items proudly made in the USA. Made in USA
Customer Reviews
  I would just like to say that when it came to delivery awsome got to me very fast with the standard shipping rate. Installation was very easy to me no time to get it put on just wish I could adjust it more to my size seeing that i have a small frame, the quick connect takes a little to get used to the sling gets in the way of the button other than that i like the quality and feel of it.
  Reviewed by:  Jamie Asbury from Hatfield, PA. on 4/13/2014
Great sling, mount combo
  This is the third, but not likely the last, sling/mount combo I have ordered; one for me, two others as gifts. Easy installation and adjustment; well-worth the money and comfortable on the wearer who is not restricted while using the rifle. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone.
  Reviewed by:  Bob Howie from Houston, Texas. on 2/14/2014
  High quality product,very well made,this will last a lifetime,thanks.
  Reviewed by:  ANTHONY VIERRA from Maui,Hawaii. on 1/24/2014
Another Satisfied Customer
  Before I purchased this product, I spent A LOT of time researching many different rifle sling/mount systems. The z-360 gen2 sling mount and one-point tactical bungee sling met all my needs. Compared to other rifle sling systems on the market, the z-360 gen2 does not require you to remove any major parts; just your weapons buttstock. The overall construction and quality of materials used to make the z-360 gen2 sling mount and sling are practical and built to endure. However, if I had two wishes, I'd wish for the following: 1. A light-weight, heavy-duty metal construction sling mount. 2. A slimmer sling mount that allows for the use of "fully-collapsed position" of my collapsible stock.. Other than that, the system is absolutely SUPERIOR to the rest on the current market. Needless-to-say, I'm a satisfied customer and I HIGHLY-RECOMMEND the z-360 gen2 sling mount and tactical sling system to anyone in the market for rifle sling systems.
  Reviewed by:  Anthony Kallio from Atlanta, Ga.. on 1/20/2014
Solid and Reliable
  I have this mount on 3 rifles. I have also purchased as a gift for my brother. Easy installation and use. Mount is strong and has an easy to use lock feature for easy on and off. Bungee cord is tight allowing for agressive use without sacrificing durability. I highly recommend.
  Reviewed by:  Scott Sanford from Memphis, TN. on 12/16/2013
Made in the USA
  I have used the single point sling and Gen2 sling mount for several months. It is very easy to use and keeps the weapon close to the body when not in use.Great craftsmanship and of course made in the USA!
  Reviewed by:  Kasey Davis from NV. on 12/2/2013
  Very happy with my purchase. Everything works exactly as expected :) Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  John from Tennessee. on 11/14/2013
  Reviewed by:  matthew greiner from choctaw lake. on 11/7/2013
Single Point Bungee Sling
  Mounted it on My M&P 15 put it through a Tactical Weapons Training class. Tourtured it for Eight consecutive hours and it never missed a beat. Well exceeded my expectations. Very simply a Great Product!! Easy install and more than happy. Thank You for a Great Made in USA Product.
  Reviewed by:  Glenn Meyer from New Jersey. on 7/14/2013
  Very easy to install around the gas tube rather than taking the tube off as is required by other products. The one point sling is a great enhancement to my freedom of movement. As a team medic I need the ability to clear the weapon from my immediate front yet still have ready access to it. This product set up fits the bill to a t
  Reviewed by:  Charles Kean from Springfield, IL. on 5/29/2013
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