Agency Arms 3.5 lb Flat-Faced Drop-In Trigger For 9mm, .40, & .357 Glock Pistols


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Agency Arms 3.5 lb Flat-Faced Drop-In Trigger For 9mm, .40, & .357 Glock Pistols
Shown here with the minus connector (included) set to 3.5 lbs


Sold out. More coming soon.

The Agency Arms Drop-In Flat Faced Trigger is a huge improvement over the OEM Glock trigger, and has an incredibly short and crisp reset and smooth overall travel. It features an aluminum flat shoe with an OEM polished trigger bar and OEM minus connector set to 3.5 lbs. The flat shoe is available in black or grey. Compatible with all generations of 9mm, .40, & 357 Glock pistols.

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Guy who likes his firearms


OK....So after some research I decided on purchasing the "Agency Arms 3.5# Flat-Faced Drop in Trigger for the G-17/19/26 Gen 3 series, I also procured another manufacturers version recently released that also starts with an "A" to perform a comparison; Trigger to Trigger. After installation odd said units....I could've saved some time & effort. Well both have performed flawlessly. There is a much better feel to the Agency Arms Trigger, trigger reach is easier as well as a much quicker reset is achieved, the perceived pull is great. The flat face took some to get acquainted with/to but I managed to do so after a couple of range sessions each a couple hundred rounds; for me the splits seem to be quicker and will confirm with a timer next session. I like it...shipping was quick, quality / fit & finish of the product is extremely high and will be getting at least two more for other carry pieces as this original buy is at home in a 19, next comes the 17 & 26. All are working firearms and I shoot what I carry at matches, no interest in just performance parts or reduced power springs, adjustable trigger etc all must function at a high level & on demand .... These are very smooooooth Best trigger for the Gee- locks I've come across...period.

Reviewed by: Darcy Hill from Wyoming on 10/28/2015

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Best possible trigger you can get for a glock. I've tried all from A-Z. Agency makes the best hands down. Tactical Link has super fast shipping & excellent customer service! A+ A+ A+

Reviewed by: ModDesign from Boston,MA on 9/3/2015

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Gun sales associate


It's not a bad trigger, just not awesome as I'd hoped. In my Gen-4 G19, it looks really cool and I love the feel of the flat trigger itself. I was a little let down with everything else, honestly. Nothing was polished and it was just an OEM gen 3 Glock bar. Had to put in the Ghost 3.5 set to make it actually perform. Not worth the money in my opinion, all you really get is a cooler LOOKING trigger. Wish I would've gone another way for the money. This one's overpriced.

Reviewed by: Brian wilson from Kentucky on 3/21/2016

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Super fast shipping, great trigger


First off amazing shipping. I recieved a shipped email in less than 30 min after I placed order. Trigger is as expected. Be sure to use factory springs with this trigger.

Reviewed by: Jp from Las Vegas on 2/9/2016

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agency trigger


great trigger with less take up and nice break, got it fast and hassle free !!

Reviewed by: steven jackson from missouri on 1/5/2016

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Lead Gunsmith


This is a phenomenal trigger which has improved my shooting exponentially with my Gen 4 G17. This is a knockout trigger guys job well done!!

Reviewed by: Dirks Custom from Scott City, Kansas on 11/2/2015

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Agency arms trigger


Awesome trigger. Money well spent.

Reviewed by: Yohan youn from Memphis, TN on 8/18/2015

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This is NOT a 3.5lb trigger


Listing is incorrect. This is not a 3.5lb trigger. It comes with a OEM minus 3.5 connector. That does not mean a final trigger pull weight of 3.5. Trigger pull should be closer to 5-5.5lbs. As for my actual initial thoughts after installation: You can't expect this trigger to make a substantial difference in the way is breaks, take up, etc. It uses a factory bar and an OEM minus connector. I'm not sure where people expect the magic changes to come from. What troubles me is the trigger on the Gen 4 19 that I put this on to begin with. This is my first Glock that joins various M&Ps I own. My Shields factory trigger absolutely blows this out of the water. Glock has an odd trigger that almost feels like there is no wall to it whatsoever. There is a bit of slack and then an increasing take up and then breaks before I you can detect it. I'm not sure I can say it is creep or that is just the nature of the trigger. It's not horrible by any means, just odd and undefined. The trigger shoe itself feels much better than factory. Excellent machining. Overall it is expensive for what you really get but I knew that before ordering it. It depends on what your getting goals are for the gun. It it's just a range or competition gun then go get a Zev fulcrum kit. For a carry gun I didn't want to mess with the reliability of the gun which is why it's nice to have all factory internals.

Reviewed by: Tyler Emma from MA on 4/22/2016

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Awesome trigger


I bought one of these for my glock 23 gen 4 and my glock 27 gen 4 very impressed with them so far

Reviewed by: Aj from Youngstown on 2/18/2016

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Agency trigger


Great products well made great fit fast shipping

Reviewed by: Chris from Matthews on 5/6/2016

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