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Enhanced Battery Assist Lever for AR15
Cerakote OD Green (H-232Q)
Enhanced Battery Assist Lever for AR15
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Flat Dark Earth
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Enhanced Battery Assist Lever®
The Enhanced Battery Assist Lever significantly improves the speed and efficiency of reloads and clearing stoppages without switching hands, allowing you to maintain constant fire control. This device easily installs onto your existing standard mil-spec forged AR bolt release/catch (paddle) with no weapon disassembly or parts replacement, and allows you to lock the bolt back and release the bolt with just a slight movement of your trigger finger. The Battery Assist Lever was recently redesigned from the ground up with considerable improvements giving rise to the Enhanced Battery Assist Lever.

Faster reloadsLarger Bolt Release Button
The threat is still closing, the pressure increasing. Nothing is more important in the next two seconds than seating a new magazine and chambering another round. That is why we made the bolt release button of the Enhanced Battery Assist Lever 48% larger than the original to enable faster indexing and therefore faster reloads particularly important in the heat of battle.

Clear Stoppages EasierClear stoppages faster
You know you are not out of ammo but your weapon has stopped firing. Diagnostics indicates you have a situation that requires you to lock the bolt back to clear the stoppage. Simply lift up the Battery Assist Lever with your trigger finger while pulling back on the charging handle with your support hand (without the hassle of switching hands) and your bolt is locked open, whether you have thick arctic gloves on or not that is the beauty of the self-centering finger index groove.

Super tight, rock solid fitRock solid fit
The Enhanced Battery Assist Lever easily installs onto your existing standard AR15/M16 mil-spec bolt release in seconds, with no weapon disassembly or parts replacement, and provides a super-tight rock-solid fit thanks to our exclusive Triple Screw Retention System. Unlike other devices, the Enhanced Battery Assist Lever is designed to avoid making contact with the upper receiver, and does not wobble and will not come loose even under the harshest of use.

Fits wide receiversLow drag contour
The Enhanced Battery Assist Lever sports a low-drag receiver-hugging contour and rounded corners everywhere, making it snag-free and comfortable to use. With the original Battery Assist Lever, we learned that not all lower receivers are created equally. Some (i.e. billet receivers) are wider than others. That is why we designed the Enhanced Battery Assist Lever with a Wide Receiver Relief - to provide a better fit on more lower receivers. Compatible with standard / mil-spec dimensioned, right-handed, AR15 / M16 upper and lower receivers, including the HK 416, Sig 516, Sig M400; and also the Cross Machine & Tool billet upper and lower receivers. Not compatible with weapons equipped with the Odin Works XMR Extended Mag Release. Not compatible with the following weapons: FNH SCAR, S&W MP15-22, S&W MP15 Magpul Edition, Ruger SR-762, Sig 716; and may not be compatible with some 7.62 / .308 models.

Easier to indexMaintain constant fire control
Unlike other devices that sit low and forward in the trigger well (requiring you to break your grip in order to reach it), the Enhanced Battery Assist Lever sits higher in the trigger well and more centered, making it easier to index (even for those with short fingers) allowing you to maintain constant fire control. The Enhanced Battery Assist Lever does not interfere with the trigger or the magazine release button. Furthermore, it is ambidextrous and is compatible with the Redi-Mag and the KNS Gen 2 (and Gen 2 Mod 2) Non-Rotating Trigger/Hammer Pins.

Ceramic coatingDurable Cerakote finish
The Enhanced Battery Assist Lever is precision cast and then coated with an incredibly durable, non-reflective matte Cerakote finish. Available in a variety of colors (depending on inventory levels): Black, Magpul Flat Dark Earth (H-267), Magpul OD Green (H-232Q), Magpul Foliage Green (H-231), Patriort Brown (H-226Q), Burnt Bronze (H-148Q), Titanium (H-170Q), RAL8000 (H-8000Q), Zombie Green (H-168Q), USMC Red (H-167Q), and Pink (H-141Q). To view more pictures and colors click the flickr icon > view more images on flickr

100% Satisfaction Money Back GuaranteeSatisfaction guaranteed
We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with this product that we’ve backed your purchase with our 30 day money back guarantee.

What's included (and what isn't)
  • The clamp and lever of the Enhanced Battery Assist Lever
  • Mounting screws (x2) with loctite
  • Set screw (x1) without loctite
  • hex key

Patent(s) Pending. Made in USA. made in USA

ITAR Notice: export of this item is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls, prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR).

Product Review from LooseRounds.com
Ever since the magpul BAD lever came out, I loved the concept. It is a great idea. The speed that you gain from manipulating the bolt and being able to lock it back to clear malfunctions or just for administrative was a great thing. But I hate the way
the magpul BAD lever is made. I know some of the more die hard magpul fans will scream for my blood, but the BAD lever is not well done... That has changed for me, but not with the BAD lever. I still see it as a sub par attempt at a great idea. I am talking about the Tactical Link Enhanced Battery Assist Lever... read more

Product Review from The Arms Guide
Sometimes it is difficult for me to make up my mind for what accessory I want on my AR-15 over another. However, making the decision on what ambidextrous bolt release lever I wanted to use on my AR-15 (and any future builds) was an easy one. Allow me to introduce the Tactical Link Enhanced Battery Assist Lever (EBAL, or as I like to say it; the ‘e-ball’). The Tactical Link EBAL comes in a variety of colors but the shade I purchased was black. Instead of being an oxide, phosphate or anodized coating, the EBAL is Cerakoted
... read more

Customer Reviews
The Missing Link....
  For a complete picture, this was installed on a NFA (New Frontier Armory) Complete LW-15 LR. The complete Upper Receiver is Spike's Tactical 16" Midlength LE Upper (5.56)-STU5035-MLS. Fit: The 2 parts that fit around the paddle, had to be pressed with vise grips, as the flat head allen screw holes wouldn't line up to get the screws started. I Put a thin piece of rubber on both sides and squeezed them together with vice grips. It didn't take a lot of force. After that they mated perfectly with a nice tight fit. No damage was done to the paddle or the Tactical Link parts. Function: It works very well, and bends at a perfect 90° into the trigger window. It doesn't hit anything, and doesn't obstruct anything. Works flawlessly. I also added a UTG Model 4 Extended Tactical Charging Handle Latch, which made operations even faster. Product Looks: I think it looks sharp and more appealing than other BAD levers out there. Everything up to here was great, including the time it took to ship as it was fast. Receiving the Product: This is where I have to say that using the grey shipping bag without any protection against crushing the product's box, fell apart. I like most people when you get something new, and anxiously waiting for it, only to find the contents crushed by the shipper, is disheartening. The product itself ended up not being damaged, but this can damage a company's reputation for potential repeat buyers, and the product could still get damaged. So PLEASE be sure to use some bubble wrap, or other packing material to keep the box from being crushed. 1st impressions are everything. I would have given 5 stars, but I'm gonna give 4 stars because of the lack of product protection during shipping. Proper packaging shows you care IMHO. Just being honest. The product itself is excellent.
  Reviewed by:  John from Vancouver, WA. on 4/23/2014
Does not fit Northtech Defense Billet Lowers
  I have a few of these and they are WONDERFUL products and which is why I am still giving it 5 starts. I bought one in Titanium, FDE and Black - again awesome finish and quality. However on the NorthTech Defense Billet lowers, the EBAL will not work. This is due to the design of the NTD lower. Is is wider in the areas where the lever passes through the trigger guard. This keeps lever from allowing the bolt to be locked back. Again this is due to the NTD lower and NOT the EBAL. I just wanted NTD lower owners to be given a heads up.. Oh Well, the EBAL goes on to my other guns.
  Reviewed by:  Thomas from Houston, TX. on 4/17/2014
Best upgrade for your R
  I did 9 years Special Forces(Ranger)and wish i had this on a few deployments.so in my opinion Absolutely best upgrade you can get. Taclink BAD lever is way better than the standard levers made by magpul and other brands. And lots of custom colors to choose from. My AR looks and performs amazing.
  Reviewed by:  Drew Steptoe from VIrginia-California. on 4/17/2014
Tactical lever Rocks
  Ordered one and it worked so well I bought another one for at15 in 7.62x39. Sturdy solid product that works. Have bought several other items since
  Reviewed by:  Robert Burkins from Greenville S.C.. on 4/17/2014
Great Price & Quick Shipping
  It was really nice to receive a product that clearly has quality built in and works as stated. After installation I went straight to my winter shooting gloves to see if there were any issues...absolutely none! A great product.
  Reviewed by:  Rob Johnson from E. TN. on 4/16/2014
Enhanced Battery Assist Lever for AR-15
  I purchased my initial lever from another vendor. A mounting screw was missing, but Tactical Link made good in record time with no questions asked. I was building two more SBR's for my wife and I, so I went straight to the source and bought two more Enhanced Battery Assist Levers. I couldn't be more pleased, and my wife is happy as hell once I showed here the benefits! (You guys know how that works out for the both of you, right?) both lever were put on Stag AR-15 lowers that we selected all of our lower parts for. I can attest to the fact that these levers work without a hiccup on a Stag left-handed lower with no issues whatsoever! fit and finish is outstanding!
  Reviewed by:  Ken from Az. on 4/15/2014
Great Product. Great upgrade
  It's a great product. Installation was easy and is/feels solid. Fit onto my lower with no problems (PSA build). Greatly improves rifle manipulation. It's a fantastic upgrade.
  Reviewed by:  A.R. from Los Angeles, CA. on 4/14/2014
  I bought this to install on my Ruger 762. It does not fit without trimming modifications to fit along the receiver. The AR10 has a thicker receiver than a AR15.
  Reviewed by:  David Springstead from Mount Vernon, Wa. on 4/13/2014
outstanding BAD lever
  I had originally installed a magpul lever on my DPMS. But then I found the T.L. Lever and never looked back. I have installed them on all of my weapons and they work flawlessly. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to upgrade their AR 15s and AR 10s
  Reviewed by:  LEE BROWN from Savannah, Ga.. on 4/12/2014
Excellent device!
  If you're like me and have a Sig Sauer M400 AR pistol or similar line of Sig Sauer then this is the device for you. Unlike the Magpul B.A.D. lever this device does not angle. Due to the added metal on the SS the BAD lever will not work without modification to the AR. Tactical Link's lever works perfect because it is a straight piece. No problem using the device with gloves. Works Perfect!
  Reviewed by:  Bob Dentz from Washington State. on 4/9/2014
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