Hexmag 10/30 10 Round 5.56/.223 Magazine With True Riser System For AR15 Style Rifles - Series 1


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Hexmag 10/30 10 Round 5.56/.223 Magazine With True Riser System For AR15 Style Rifles - Series 1
From left to right: OD Green, Dark Gray, Black, Flat Dark Earth
From left to right: OD Green, Dark Gray, Black, Flat Dark Earth Dark Gray


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HX30-AR 30 Round Magazine

HexMag 10 Round Magazine wtih “True” Riser System

Like the original 30 round Hexmag, the True Riser 10 Round Magazine is a
lightweight, durable polymer 5.56 x 45mm NATO/.223 Remington ammunition magazine designed to function with most AR15/M4 compatible platforms, but is designed to hold a maximum of only 10 rounds, thus making it legal in all states. Hexmag has developed a system* that eliminates the need to pin the magazine body or use a limiter that stops the follower from moving fully. The springs in the True Riser magazines have a shortened spring that cannot be converted back to 30 rounds.

Features exclusive to the True Riser System
  • Allows the magazine to be disassembled and cleaned normally.
  • The True Riser System works with Hexmag's complete line of HexID System Accessories.
  • Provides a 30 round body and looks natural in your AR rifle and is ammo pouch compatible.
  • The riser design was developed to allow items (i.e. fishing line, paracordt, etc.) to be wrapped or secured to it it and then reinserted.

Hexmag True Riser
* The True Riser System was designed  to be used only with the riser in place. Any attempt to modify the spring or utilize the spring without the riser may result in damage to your firearm or your person. Do not add items to the riser that may be flammable or explosive.

Features common to all Hexmag magazines

  • Impact resistant, fiber-reinforced nylon polymer body
  • Raised hexagon pattern provides superior grip for secure handling
  • Anti-corrosion heat-treated, stainless steel spring (USGI spec)
  • Tool-free latch plate design is secure while making disassembly fast and easy
  • HexID Color Identification System makes ammunition recognition simple
  • Includes hex orange follower and latch plate
  • Lifetime warranty

HX30-AR 30 Round Magazine

HexID Color Identification SystemHexID color identification system
Unique to the HexMag is the highly visible HexID color identification system that enables you to quickly organize your magazines by ammunition type or caliber without having to write on your magazines. For instance, you might use the orange color for your 5.56 / .223 ammunition and zombie green color for your 300 blackout ammunition. Or separate colors for your self defense ammunition and range ammo. The applications are endless and very useful and practical. Eliminates the need to write on magazines.

Textured polymer body with round count markers

Improved gripping
The impact resistant, fiber-reinforced nylon polymer body sports an aggressive raised hexagon pattern, which provides a superior grip for secure handling and retrieval from pouches.

Compatible with many weaponsWeapon compatibility
The Hexmag is compatible with multiple modern weapons systems such as the AR15 / M16 / M4 family of weapons, HK416, SA80A2, FN MK16 SCAR16, and the Beretta ARX160. One other important practical benefit - the Hexmag drops free from the mag well (even when the magazine is empty), a trait missing in some other magazine brands. Found, in some instances, to be incompatible with the Mossberg MMR

Returns Disallowed
Series 1 magazines have been discontinued and subsequently there are no returns allowed on Series 1 magazines. Sale items are not eligible for return for any reason even if they do not work properly with your weapon. This policy supersedes our 30 day money back guarantee. Made in USA Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

Also having seating issues


I love the look and feel of these mags, and it's awesome that someone made something great for CA buyers. My issue is that these mags don't seat really well and the cutout for the mag release looks like it's wearing down really quickly, which makes it seat even worse. It's plastic rubbing on metal, so I guess I should expect this, but maybe the manufacturer can reinforce this one area with metal so that this won't be an issue?

Reviewed by: Slim from California on 5/17/2015

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Hexmag 10/30


While it's great that Hexmag is making true 10rd full size mags for our 2A challenged states there are a few issues. As I set a round in the magazine the round below it slips forward. Also as a state compliant product it should be labeled as 10rd capacity to avoid conversations with law enforcement on the side of the road. I have not had any seating issues.

Reviewed by: Jeff from Kalifornia on 2/15/2016

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Hexmag dark grey


Bought the 10/30 round hexmag since I love in NY. The dark grey matches up very well with my new magpul stealth grey furnitureon my ar 15. I wanted mags that had the same color but since magpul doesn't make pmag in that color tone hexmag was the next best option and I am very pleased with how well the colors work together. Will be picking up a few more of these in the near future.

Reviewed by: Johnathan from Hartsdale on 2/6/2016

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Very pleased!


Item shipped and arrived very quickly. It's a Hexmag so the great quality speaks for itself, but that was matched from tactical links excellent service. Will make this company my primary source for my AR needs

Reviewed by: Andrew from Maryland on 1/29/2016

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Great Magazines


I have never had any issues with these magazines. They work great on my S&W AR15. Just make sure to do regular maintenance on them and they will last a long time. These magazines have a strong and durable feel to them. I have dropped these a few times and they have never taken any damage. I will be buying more! Strongly recommend buying these! Well worth the money

Reviewed by: West Coast Shooter from CA on 1/24/2016

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I recently ordered three magazines with Order # 64302. The items arrived without incident however. I own a Stag Arms model 2 chambered in 5.56mm. Up till now I used Pmags & Aluminum GI mags without issue. I placed one snap cap in the mag and with the bolt closed tried to insert the mag but it failed to seat properly. I opened the bolt and the mag seated as designed. I then tried to close the bolt but it jammed half way. I tried the mag release (bullet button in California) but the mag would not release. I was finally able to pull the bolt open with the charging handle and the mag was released. This was repeated with all three magazines with and without using a snap cap. I have a friend who has a Del-Ton AR15 also chambered in 5.56mm. In her rifle the magazines worked flawlessly. She tried them with and without snap caps. I gave the magazines to her. My rating is due to the magazines not working properly in my rifle

Reviewed by: Michael Mills from 3121 E. Mariquita St apt 18, Long Beach, Ca 90803 on 8/11/2015

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Really happy with these Hexmags. Shipping was super quick from tactical link. Will definitely order from them again. Happy customer here.

Reviewed by: Joel from Los Angeles on 1/28/2016

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what title


I have a an ANDERSON AR,needed a little file work to make mag click in Does look good even in a depressive state,worth the money

Reviewed by: R KRETZMER from VESTAL NY on 1/22/2016

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Good feel, took it apart and the inside look great as well. Good color, goes good with Hexmag grip and matching grip.

Reviewed by: Matt from California on 3/2/2016

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Tatical link is the best.....


Mags work great.Tactical link is the best.

Reviewed by: Bob from California on 1/16/2016

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