Rebuild Kit For Hexmag 30 Round 5.56/.223 Magazine For AR15 Style Rifles - Series 1


Minimum Order: 5

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Rebuild Kit For Hexmag 30 Round 5.56/.223 Magazine For AR15 Style Rifles - Series 1
From left to right: OD Green, Dark Gray, Black, Flat Dark Earth
From left to right: OD Green, Dark Gray, Black, Flat Dark Earth Dark Gray


Minimum Order: 5

The HexMag HX30-AR Rebuild Kit is shipped disassembled to comply with certain local regulations and restrictions and contains every component of the magazine to maintain and rebuild it. Assembly required. Each rebuild kit contains the following:

  • Magazine body
  • Follower
  • Spring
  • Floor plate
HX30-AR 30 Round Magazine

HexMag HX30-AR 30 Round Magazine
The HX30-AR is a lightweight, durable polymer 30-round 5.56x45mm NATO/.223 Remington ammunition magazine designed to function with most AR15/M4 compatible platforms.

  • Impact resistant, fiber-reinforced nylon polymer body
  • Raised hexagon pattern provides superior grip for secure handling
  • Anti-corrosion heat-treated, stainless steel spring (USGI spec)
  • Tool-free latch plate design is secure while making disassembly fast and easy
  • HexID Color Identification System makes ammunition recognition simple
  • Includes hex orange follower and latch plate
  • Lifetime warranty

HX30-AR 30 Round Magazine

HexID Color Identification SystemHexID color identification system
Unique to the HexMag is the highly visible HexID color identification system that enables you to quickly organize your magazines by ammunition type or caliber without having to write on your magazines. For instance, you might use the orange color for your 5.56 / .223 ammunition and zombie green color for your 300 blackout ammunition. Or separate colors for your self defense ammunition and range ammo. The applications are endless and very useful and practical. Eliminates the need to write on magazines.

Textured polymer body with round count markers

Improved gripping
The impact resistant, fiber-reinforced nylon polymer body sports an aggressive raised hexagon pattern, which provides a superior grip for secure handling and retrieval from pouches.

Compatible with many weaponsWeapon compatibility
The Hexmag is compatible with multiple modern weapons systems such as the AR15 / M16 / M4 family of weapons, HK416, SA80A2, FN MK16 SCAR16, and the Beretta ARX160. One other important practical benefit - the Hexmag drops free from the mag well (even when the magazine is empty), a trait missing in some other magazine brands. Found, in some instances, to be incompatible with the Mossberg MMR

100% Satisfaction Money Back GuaranteeSatisfaction guaranteed
We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with this product that we have backed your purchase with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Made in USA Made in USA

Due to the fact that we have to open the hermetically sealed package to disassemble the magazine into its respective parts, rebuild kits are sold "as is" and are not eligible for return for any reason even if they do not work properly with your weapon. This policy supersedes our 30 day money back guarantee.
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Customer Reviews

Good price mags


Bought the minimum of 5 rebuild kits for hexmag-ar 30 rounders and got them 4 days later via USPS. Fast shipping, cheap, and good quality mags. Easy as 123 to put together and love the fact I now have 30 round mags since you can't purchase them in California. Just be careful about using them at shooting ranges where there are rangers. Don't wanna get in trouble :). That's why I keep two 10/30 pmags next to me at the range. Thanks Tactical Link

Reviewed by: Joe from California on 8/30/2014

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Great Mags!


Have been looking for a workaround for CO's highcap mag ban. Fortunately, there's not a provision for magazine kits... yet (since they're unassembled). And it sure beats driving to WY. I have a Surplus Ammo & Arms Grim Reaper lower. The magwell was mfg'ed slightly smaller (not sure why) so MagPul G2 mags don't fit. Extremely tight fit. Sanding them down didn't work too well. These Hexmags, on the otherhand, fit wonderfully. They drop easily too. {EDIT} SAA's LR's are mfg'd by Aero Precision.

Reviewed by: Chris K from Westminster, CO on 9/11/2015

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Exactly what I needed


I was pretty devastated when my 10/30 hexmag broke. When I found that there was this rebuild kit, I was so relieved. It came with all the parts needed to completely fix a magazine. Well worth the money. Same day shipping and it arrived within a few days. More than satisfied. I wish they had rebuild kits for the glock magazines though, because I feel like mine might break with all those (10) rounds.

Reviewed by: Alex from California on 12/23/2015

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Magazine rebuild kit


Great kit. Fits my spike tactical lower great.

Reviewed by: Brian from california on 9/24/2015

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Ok, but room for improvement


As far as TacticalLinks end, the shipping and price was great. The overall quality of the magazines are decent but feel and look a bit cheaper than PMAGS. Some of them are very hard to load getting really stiff after 20 rounds, but hold the rounds a little too loosely once full? I don't get it either. Then there's the fact that only some of them did that, so inconsistency issues. My biggest issue is they would not load even one road of a few different ammos. Went through every kind I use from 5.56 to 300blk. Some of them would catch on the feed lips of the mags. This could be solved I'm sure either by using only ammo with a taper crimp or filing/sanding the lip on the mags a little. Too many issues for me. I need mags that work every time, with everything I shoot, like my life depends on it. I sold them all to my brother the very next day(who's having the same issues). I'll stick with PMAGS and Lancers. Heck, for reliability, I'd take USGI mags over these.

Reviewed by: Braden from United States on 3/12/2016

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Civilian Sheepdog


Great item, came disassembled, everything was there to put together. All 6 passed a function test at the range. Great all round experience.

Reviewed by: Christoph Negron from Somewhere, USA on 2/25/2016

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the old man


Great mags cant wait to get to our Arz. house so i can repair my old hex mags love the ID for each mag.Thanks agin Dave

Reviewed by: david from Calif on 2/17/2016

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HexMags Rock


These bad boys FIXed my mag issue. I will buy these again as necessary.

Reviewed by: Red from Home on 2/5/2016

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Love the fast shipping and cost now I can fix my old one's thanks alot guys keep up the out standing work

Reviewed by: dever from palmdale on 3/8/2016

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Great mags


The mags feel great so far they shipped right away. Can't wait to try them out

Reviewed by: Sam from Communist state on 2/16/2016

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