Tactical Link Interceptor Bungee 2 Point Tactical Sling For AR15 Style Rifles


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Tactical Link Interceptor Bungee 2 Point Tactical Sling For AR15 Style Rifles


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What's included (and what isn't)
  • Interceptor Bungee 2 Point Sling with quick-release buckle
  • Two (2) heavy duty 1.25" swivel connectors (a $43.90 value)
  • Sling mount(s) are sold separately

The Interceptor Bungee 2 Point Sling includes 2 of our heavy duty 1.25" swivel connectors and a Quick-Release Buckle.  It is made from 1.25" nylon webbing and allows you to customize your sling to your specific weapon and/or operational requirements. Ambidextrous. Light weight. Strong. Comfortable. Silent. One size fits most - best fits those with chests 44" and larger. For those with smaller chests, or those who prefer the rifle to ride high and tight, we recommend the non bungee model..

If you can't bench press 80 lbs you shouldn't buy this sling. Seriously.

  • Pulls the weapon into your shoulder
  • Unmatched freedom of movement
  • Superior muzzle striking ability
  • Limitless shooting positions
  • Smooth weapon transitions
  • Reliable weapon indexing
  • Comfortable and silent
  • Fully adjustable
  • Made in USA Made in USA

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Greetings, I wanted a quality two point bungee sling for my Daniel Defense M4A1, when I came across a picture of the Interceptor by Tactical Link while doing my search. I was hesitant to spend $85 on a sling without being able to try one first, but I am glad that I went ahead and placed the order, it arrived quickly, the packaging was well done and I could tell immediatly when I opened it up that the quality of this sling was what I was looking for before I even attached to the rifle. I am the type of person who, when I find something that works, I stay loyal and so long as Tactical Link offers this sling, it will not be my last. I appreciate the quality and the company. I hope this review may be of some help to anyone reading it and thank you to all of you at Tactical Link. Glory to the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.. God bless everyone, take care and be safe.

Reviewed by: Jeff Dunbar from Indiana on 6/9/2016

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I had to give the sling 4 stars. I have heard lots of good things about Tactical Link and I appreciate a bungee section that does not stretch completely with a basic rifle/optic combo. Their bungee rocks! It does not stretch any under the weight of an AR10 with thermal scope and 25 rds. The sewing is top notch and the webbing is very comfortable. But I have to give it four stars because of the lack of quality in other areas. The triglides are plastic/polymer and will probably never break with normal use and general abuse. But the buckle is a cheap plastic/polymer buckle that is found most anywhere and does not snap together tightly. It has some play in it. I sling the rifle and push it away to test the bungee and I feel like the buckle is going to break at any moment. To me this is the weakest point. I would love a 2 pt sling with no buckle and wish I had contacted about a custom order first. If a buckle must be used then I would suggest a cobra buckle seeing as that is the only thing fitting for such a tough bungee sling. I also wish that there was a quick adjust option on this sling. Ideally quick adjust with bungee and no buckle. But overall I am satisfied but will be emailing them to see about the buckle issue on future purchases.

Reviewed by: William from USA on 12/6/2016

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