JP Rifles Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring For AR15 Style 5.56/.223 Rifles - Standard Version


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Item ID: JPSCS2-15

JP Rifles Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring For AR15 Style 5.56/.223 Rifles - Standard Version


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What's new about the Gen 2?
  • New aluminum guide rod cuts overall weight
  • Heavier masses translate to more buffering mass and reduced chance of bolt bounce
  • Full correspondence between SCS masses and H1, H2 and H3 buffers
  • Interchangeable buffers allow conversion between AR-15 and AR-10 models (and vice versa)
The “spoon over a cheese grater” sound emitted by modern sporting rifles when they are charged or fired has always been one of the AR platform’s ugly blemishes and one that JP Rifles set out to eliminate. After years of specially selecting buffer tube manufacturers based on the quality of their tubes’ interior finish, JP Rifles opted to design and produce their own action springs with a perfect centerless-ground and precision-polished outside diameter. These JP Custom Buffer Springs are an inexpensive way to see exactly why JP Rifles has a reputation for having the quietest, smoothest rifles on the market. Their pursuit of perfection didn’t stop with springs though and led ultimately to the creation of a very innovative product - JP Rifles Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring.

Maintaining all the benefits of their polished buffer springs and proprietary low mass operating system buffer, this combination buffer-spring assembly eliminates the friction of standard buffer components resulting in outstanding smoothness and sound abatement. What’s more, the spring is removable from the assembly for custom tuning, and both the AR15 and AR10 versions of the JP Silent Captured Spring are functional in both rifle- and carbine-length operating systems. The AR15 version fits and functions in any gas-operated AR15 variant, regardless of caliber and the AR10 version should fit and function in any large-frame AR10-type platform. The
JP Rifles Silent Captured Buffer Spring is not compatible with Primary Weapon Systems' bolt carriers, or any 9mm AR variant, or any blowback system using a solid (weighted) carrier.

Note: the JPSCS2-15 will not function with older Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) bolt carriers. The design of the carrier will prevent the rifle from cycling.
For complete and current information on this item please see the manufacturer's website.

A refined recoil spring such as the
Silent Captured Buffer Spring is merely one piece of the Recoil Mitigation Package, designed to reduce and/or eliminate recoil, and is comprised of the following top-shelf components:
  • An adjustable gas block and/or an adjustable gas key
  • A low mass bolt carrier group
  • A tuned buffer spring
  • A lightweight buffer
Included items
  • The Silent Captured Buffer Spring assembly
  • One (1) captured recoil spring, pre-installed
  • Spacer to allow for installation in both carbine- and rifle-length buffer tubes
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This is the second JP Silent Capture Buffer Spring I've purchased within the last year. It does exactly what it says and I couldn't be more pleased - QUIET...VERY QUIET!!! Tactical links handling of the order was outstanding. The items was received quickly and undamaged. I will use Tactial Link in the future for my gunsmithing and building needs. A great organization.

Reviewed by: Eric Gidion from Poulsbo, Washington on 5/17/2017

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