Lancer L5AWM 30 Round 5.56/.223 Magazine For AR15 Style Rifles - Smoke


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Item ID: L5AWM30-SMK

Lancer L5AWM 30 Round 5.56/.223 Magazine For AR15 Style Rifles - Smoke


In Stock

Lancer L5AWM 30 RND Translucent Smoke Magazine

What it is (and what it is not)
The L5AWM is not a polymer magazine and it is not a steel magazine. Instead, it is a hybrid - combining the best characteristics of polymer and metal magazines.
  • Hardened steel feed lips
  • Lightweight polymer body
  • Broad weapon compatibility
  • Improved design provides trouble-free feeding
  • Translucent body for visual inspections for round counts

Hardened steel feed lipsHardened steel feed lips

Unique to the AWM is the one-piece wrap-around hardened steel feed lip assembly that is permanently attached to the impact resistant polymer body. The hardened steel feed lip assembly is PTFE coated for corrosion resistance and reinforces the spine of the polymer body. The feed lips will not bend, break or deform due to rough handling or long term storage. Where other mags begin to "swell" when loading, the L5AWM remains the same width regardless of how many rounds it holds and can be stored loaded for extended periods of time without feed-lip spreading.

Textured polymer body with round count markers

Improved gripping
An aggressive surface texture has been applied to the body to improve gripping and retrieval from pouches. The lightweight polymer body is chemical and impact resistant from -40F to 180F and will not dent like metal magazines. Round count indicators are present at 20 and 30. The L5AWM is the pinnacle of magazine design and performance. To view more pictures click the flickr icon > view more images on flickr

Compatible with many weaponsWeapon compatibility
The Lancer L5AWM is a 4179 STANAG magazine, making it compatible with multiple modern weapons systems (assault rifles), such as the AR15 / M16 / M4 family of weapons, HK416, SA80A2, FN MK16 SCAR16, and the Beretta ARX160. One other important practical benefit - the L5AWM drops free from the mag well (even when the magazine is empty), a trait missing in some other magazine brands.

Improved internal geometry
Trouble-free and reliable feeding
The internal geometry of the Advanced Warfighter Magazine is a constant curve that has been optimized to feed the 5.56X45mm NATO round and has a stainless steel spring and an anti-tilt/no-tilt follower for trouble-free and reliable feeding. The body and component materials are corrosion and chemical resistant, surpassing military chemical testing, including exposure to DEET.

For complete and current information on this item please see the manufacturer's website. Before purchasing this item please review the Regulated, Restricted And/Or Controlled Items Policy.

Advantages of the translucent body
  • Pre-combat inspections/checks as well as post contact checks
  • You can quickly and easily see how many rounds are loaded
  • You can see what type of ammunition is loaded
  • Speeds ammunition consolidation

100% Satisfaction Money Back GuaranteeSatisfaction guaranteed
We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with this product that we have backed your purchase with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Made in USA Made in USA
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Customer Reviews

Lancer Smoked AR Mag


This is a great product. Works very well and it's to be able to see the rounds. Tactical Link had these in stock when nobody else did and the shipping was fast.

Reviewed by: austin from Florida on 2/8/2016

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This light weight magazine functions flawlessly and the ability to remaining rounds makes this one great product.

Reviewed by: tim from wisconsin on 7/18/2017

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Lancer Magazine


Quality magazine, shot it last weekend and it handled a variety of ammunition without any issues. Great shipping time too

Reviewed by: Charles from Monroe on 9/23/2016

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Best AR-15 Mag


This Lancer mag fits better than hexmag & pmag in my LWRC & Spike's Tactical AR-15. Better visibility of round count than pmag window. Steel is right where you want it and great for storing this mag loaded versus a full polymer magazine because with the steel you want get deformation. Lots of youtube torture tests that prove the dependability of this product. TacticalLink thanks for the great service!

Reviewed by: Brad from Minnesota on 9/14/2016

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Horrible Service


I received a partial refund for $236.05. The refund should be for $256.98 not $236.05. I'm not paying 20.93 for your companies shipping mistake. You're a thief and a liar.

Reviewed by: Monique Taylor from IL on 9/13/2016

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Reviewed by: SCOTTY from CHILDERSBURG ALABAMA on 8/29/2016

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The best mags for the AR platform bar none. And tactical link is a great company to do business with. Always friendly. Shipping is so fast its comical.

Reviewed by: Jim from Centennial on 7/2/2016

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These are great!


Received incredibly quick, nice job. I've fired over 2000 rounds through 2 mags and have yet had a FTF. Durable, light, easy to load and slides into the lower effortlessly. The ability to see the rounds is a big plus. All of my other name brand mags have been retired.

Reviewed by: Len from Cleveland on 6/19/2016

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Great product


Awesome product , fit very nice in my P.S.A lower. Incredible rate of shipping received in less than a week.

Reviewed by: justin from kaufman on 5/29/2016

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Ok mags, fast shipping


I bought 5 of these in smoke and 5 od green... so far I have taken these out with a Tavor and a Sig MCX, in both guns I have gotten a few failures to feed. During the day I had 3 failures out of 450 in the od green and 12 out of 450 in the smoke. Basically the round pops out of the feed-lips and noses upwards into the top of the receiver. I have had 0 failures in both guns with Magpul and metal magazines. So these are not perfect magazines but still are nice for the range. Not sure I would claim that these are the best magazines in the world as many YouTube videos do. The biggest pro is that they are lightweight and you can leave them loaded without a "dust cover" on. But, without reliability they are worth nothing more than extra range/plinking magazines. These are C- magazines. Also, was extremely fast on shipping. A+ for Tactical Link

Reviewed by: Jeremy from Nevada on 4/13/2016

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