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SCAR Bungee 2 Point Sling
SCAR Bungee 2 Point Sling
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What's included
  • SCAR Bungee 2 Point Sling with quick-release buckle
  • Two (2) stainless steel 1.25" MASH hooks
  • Two (2) MASH hook sleeves

Strongest bungee sling on the marketStrongest bungee sling on the market
Made with 4 bands of viagra-injected elastic cord, the SCAR Bungee 2 Point Sling absorbs the shock / forces from your body (i.e. fast-roping / running), keeps your rifle off the deck and out of the dirt, and provides exceptional weapon retention and support without being a wet noodle (like other bungee slings). With 14 inches of firm stretch the SCAR Bungee 2 Point Sling provides unprecedented muzzle striking reach and really sucks your weapon back into your shoulder for a firm mount. If you can't bench press 80 lbs you shouldn't buy this sling. Seriously.

2 release mechanisms2 release mechanisms
The battle-proven SCAR Bungee 2 Point Sling features 2 release mechanisms: the stainless steel MASH hook (2 are included with sleeves) and a quick-release buckle. In a state of convenience, the MASH hooks allows you to disconnect your weapon from your sling (especially handy for those who frequently enter and exit vehicles). The quick-release buckle is easily and naturally indexed by your non-dominant hand and allows you to dump your weapon in emergency situations. We have thousands of SCAR Bungee 2 Point Slings in use all over the world and we've never had a single failure, ever. It is the best 2 point bungee sling on the market. Please note that any metallic connector (i.e. mash hooks, snap hooks, etc. used by this company and other sling manufacturers) may cause wear on the OEM sling mount(s).

Military gradeMilitary grade
The SCAR Bungee 2 Point Sling is invisible to night vision optics due to the fact that it is made from the finest 1.25" mil-spec nylon webbing available with no/low IR signature fibers. Everything about the SCAR Bungee 2 Point Sling exemplifies our enduring commitment to build the best quality products for the law enforcement and military operator. Includes 2 MASH hooks. Ambidextrous. Light weight. Strong. Comfortable. Silent. One size fits most - best fits those with chests 44" and larger. For those with smaller chests, or those who prefer the rifle to ride high and tight, we recommend the non bungee model.

Run your gun as the environment dictatesRun your gun as the environment dictates
Do not settle for a sling that restricts your movements or one that compromises your safety with its limitations. Because the SCAR Bungee 2 Point Sling is a two point tactical sling that attaches securely, you can run your gun as the environment dictates and maximize the best use of cover and concealment, transition from your rifle to your secondary weapon, reposition your rifle to your back to fast-rope or climb fences/ladders, quickly obtain the most optimal shooting position(s), etc. Note: if you have to pull on a strap or squeeze a buckle for the sling to fit you correctly you need to ditch that sling.


Precision manufacturingPrecision manufacturing
The SCAR Bungee 2 Point Sling is hand made with the finest materials and reinforced stitching. No other sling on the market is built with the same pains-taking manufacturing process. You will not find a better product. Made in USA. Made in USA

NTOA Approved
This product has been tested and approved by the National Tactical Officers Association's testing and evaluation program.
NTOA Approved

Patent(s) Pending.
Customer Reviews
Works like a charm and American made
  I'm using this sling on my Barrett REC-7, and after some adjustment, found it to be the ideal choice and exactly as advertized.
  Reviewed by:  Robert D Froreich from Michigan. on 1/31/2014
Look No Further
  This is the THE sling for your (and my)SCAR17. You won't find anything better out there.
  Reviewed by:  steven miller from People's Republic of Kalifornia. on 1/1/2014
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