At one time, Tactical Link sold its products only to those in law enforcement and the military, but today Tactical Link sells its offering to shooting enthusiasts of all ages and gender (and distributes many of the products offered to its growing network of Authorized Dealers), and is leading a source of the most innovative and highest quality weaponry and accessories for those in law enforcement, the military, and competitive shooting sports.

Tactical Link's remarkable evolution is simply the natural, accidental, and serendipitous byproduct of three tenets - a passion for the shooting sports, an internal fire to continually improve and excel beyond extraordinary expectations, and the desire to build efficient business systems - making it very easy for our clients to do business with Tactical Link and to enjoy doing business with us.



Brian was raised in America's Mid-west and learned to hunt at a young age. In his adult life he has become a talented marksman, participating in competitive pistol and rifle shooting. Through his experience with challenges geared toward high-speed, tactical scenarios, Brian found existing methods of weapon retention and access in close quarter environments lacking.

In March of 2008, Tactical Link's CEO, sold his healthcare practice of 15 years to focus entirely on manufacturing, selling and distributing only the best, most innovative and highest quality weaponry and accessories. "We never set out to grow this big, explains Brian, "but it has happened, and we are unable to stop it. Every day the 2nd Amendment industry creates something fun, new and very exciting and we're glad and grateful to be a part of it.”

Tactical Link is a uniquely innovative and successful business strongly supporting the 2nd Amendment community through the wonderful support we receive from you, our clients. Not only is Tactical Link an online reseller for some of the highest quality weaponry and accessories, but Tactical Link is also a distributor for many of the brands we carry.

We, at Tactical Link, are shooting enthusiasts too, and like you, we want super-fast order processing and packing times. For this reason we have invested in customized software and specialized processes that enable us to provide our clients with unparalleled customer satisfaction.


I Gotta say, out of all the tactical companies I order parts and equipment from you are by far the easiest to deal with. You ship quickly and send tracking info.
Very efficient. I appreciate it !!!

Dr. Arthur Brennan