When you are passionate about something, you want it to be perfect, without any flaws or imperfections. Same goes if you're a serious rifle shooter, passionate about guns and rifles. 

It might be the best idea to cut through the hype and get down to business when it comes to bullet performance.

Let’s Face The Truth!

Almost every brand out there can instantly offer a report of a successful competition or a fantastic hunting shot taken with their product which shall be enough to convince you that, "yes, they are the best". But, the question here is, are they really the best?

So, how do all companies claim to deliver "BEST'" performance in comparison to others? It's quite evident that one brand or bullet in a given class has to be the best performer, while the others are secondary or less effective. 

Would it be a good idea to think that most brands who claim top performance are lying, because there can only be one top performer? No, they aren't lying, and yes, that's an honest answer to that question. The big truth here is that no bullet or brand will ever be able to be on the "TOP" or have the absolute best performance consistently among all others (as a given bullet for all rifles or as a brand.

What Makes A Rifle The Best? | Rifle Tuning

The answer is quite simple and straightforward, and to be really honest, it is also well-known among those who are most knowledgeable on this topic. It's the reason why most of the brands may claim that they are the ones most eligible for the title of best performer or the best in the market. The fact is that due to one fundamental relationship, any rifle may be able to achieve optimal accuracy performance with any brand. It's the ultimate "fit" between the bearing surface dimensions of the bullet and the internal dimensions of the barrel.

All 6mm bullets, for example, will “fit” into 6mm casings and barrels (or at least they should be able to). This implies that 6mm bullets can be used in any 6mm case with the proper twist 6mm barrel. As a result, they are dimensionally capable of combining and making holes in the targets. The "fit" I'm referring to is how these measurements affect the harmonics or tune of the weapon.

What Is The Impact Of Changing Bullets On Your Rifle Tuning?

To give you a clearer picture on the previous example, certain 6mm rounds will suit a barrel with minor modifications that improve the rifle's overall tuning (or performance). The "fit" we are talking about has a greater impact on how a rifle performs than any other load attribute (under normal circumstances). 

This means that changing bullets, rather than changing your powder charge or seating depth, might be the easiest way to tune your rifle. Start with one known safe load and one precise COAL that is touching or jumping the bullet to the lands by the same amount each time, and then switch bullets. (Keep in mind that to get each bullet to the same jam or leap, you'll need to change your COAL seating depth.) You'll quickly learn which bullet performs best in your rifle after a few three-shot groups with various bullets, experience pays off anyways.

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NOTE: It's critical to point out that a rifle can be tuned in a variety of ways. All of these methods have the potential to be quite effective. In comparison to other tuning approaches, the one we are talking about is aimed at providing one that is faster and easier. This isn't to say that the other options aren't valid or capable.

Once you've chosen the most potential bullet for the job, you can fine-tune your load to get the best performance with that bullet. The optimal load utilizing this bullet will outperform all other optimized loads using other bullets (when it comes to precision in your particular rifle).

Another thing to take care of is whether you use a jump or a jam. Whichever of the two you normally use - ensure using it when testing. Jams usually produce a better and more consistent performance. However, hunters should go for jam and tight neck tension as the ammo is being used in the field.

Use the same jump or jam that you always use at the time of testing the bullets.

Once you find that one bullet, change your load to get the best performance. When it comes to precision, you will note that optimized load with this bullet will outshine every other optimized load using bullets.

If you begin by testing different bullets at first, you will be able to spot the best precision after finding the right barrel/ bullet fit in your rifle. Interestingly, you can even find more than one bullet providing top-notch results.

The Final Words

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