The AR-15 Rifle:

The AR-15 rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that is derived from the old Colt-15 Rifle design. The original AR-15 is a derivative version of Eugene Stoners Ar-10 rifle.

Initially, Farchild Engine and Airplane Corporation division sold the patents and trademarks of AR-15 to Colt manufacturing company in 1959. The patents however expired in the year 1977 and many manufacturers copied the design and features of colt's AR-15 under various names. Despite the issues of copying and expiring patents Colt retained the trademark for SAR-15 conveniently and till date manufacturers the AR-15. An interesting fact about the rifle is that the AR doesn't stand for assault rifle, rather it stands for "Armalite Rifle."

Today nearly every manufacturer makes their own version of the Ar-15 rifle but under different model numbers. As Colt still holds the trademark rights for the rifle they manufacture the AR-15 variants under the name AR-15 itself. Other manufacturers are obliged to have other model names and numbers to market their own version of AR-15. The Ar-15 is normally used for home defense and competitive purposes (Basically sports). But in recent times, due to its great features and design, it is becoming popular among hunters too. Many hunters use the rifle because of its versatility, features, and most importantly wide variety of calibers. The rifle is constructed from lightweight polymers and corrosion-resistant alloys which allows the hunters to use the rifle in moist environments as they don't have to worry about the rifle catching rust. Another important aspect of AR-15 is itself-reloading feature because it allows the hunter rapid follow-up shots if they miss the first shot.

Advantages of hunting with AR-15 Rifle:

The Ar-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that has several advantages over a traditional bolt action rifle.

  1. Compact design:

The AR-15 has a vertical grip and forward handguard which makes it extremely comfortable for the user. As the firearm is made up of lightweight and compact design it is the perfect weapon for smaller or young hunters or people who need to keep a good distance from their gun.

  1. Versatility:

The AR-15 is one of the most customizable firearms available in the market, the rifle allows to conveniently swap out parts and components for different tasks.

One single AR-15 can be used to fire a wide range of uppers to fire different cartridges, accommodating various optics and grips , and switch between light and heavier configurations. This means that hunters can use the gun for various types of hunts.

  1. The Accuracy of the Rifle:

The semi-automatic rifles have a bad reputation of being devoid of accuracy, but the AR-15 is an exception when it comes to this point. With various modifications and changes in the Rifle, the accuracy can be enhanced as the rifle has decent accuracy in its stock form!

Enhancing accuracy also makes it easy for users because of the modularity of the gun as well as the affordable parts.

The AR-15 produces little recoil which allows the shooter to stick on its target maintaining accuracy of the shots,

  1. Semi-Automatic:

As the rifle is semi-automatic, the shooter doesn't need to reload the rifle again and again after every shot which allows the shooter to fire multiple shots rapidly and accurately. The self-reloading capacity makes it convenient to shoot a follow-up shot if the shooter misses the first shot.

Hunting fast-moving prey, multiple targets, etc. is extremely easy because of this feature.

  1. Familiarity and ease of use:

Using and getting familiar with AR-15 is quite easy. One can get trained very easily for shooting and getting the hang of the rifle. Transitioning from Home defense to Hunting is very easy, the transitioning takes hardly a few minutes.

A single AR-15 can be switched out within a matter of some minutes to change its calibers which is a very easy transition and versatile in nature. Knowing how to quickly change calibers, reload a magazine, and work with the gun comes in handy when you are on a hunt.

  1. Personal Preference:

When you own an AR-15 you own the gun in every aspect meaning all the customization, how you want to shoot, what you want to shoot everything because it is extremely versatile and overly easy to use.

  1. Popularity:

The popularity of AR-15 has gained a rapid pace over the past few years. People are buying the rifle for various reasons, may it be a collection, hunting, home defense, or competitive events, AR-15 is becoming more and more popular day by day.

Though it has a bad reputation due to its wide array of usage in crimes, still one cannot neglect the fact that the rifle is extremely versatile, compatible, easy to use.

What type of hunts can you do with an AR-15?

  1. Varmints and small animals:

To hunt small animals, you need to change the AR-15 to a smaller caliber cartridge like the .223 Remington should be the exact one a hunter should seek to use.

  1. Rabbits

  2. Foxes

  3. Coyotes

  4. Prairie dogs

  1. Big animals:

When you need to hunt big animals you need more power hence switching to higher caliber like the 300 Blackout, .308, or 6.5 Grendel

  1. Wild hogs

  2. Deers

  3. Black bears

  4. Elk

"DARK" side of the AR-15:

Apart from all the advantages of the firearm, it has a dark side too. It is often associated with crimes and mass shootings too which makes the firearm a threat. AR-15 and similar types of rifles have commonly been used due to their semi-automatic nature, ease of use.

AR-15 or similar types of rifles are so often used that every 4 out of 10 deadliest mass shootings involve these rifles in American history. Various research and researchers have suggested that the use of AR-15 is more related to familiarity and copycat ability rather than its characteristics.


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