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Tactical Link Convertible Bungee QD Tactical Sling For AR Style Rifles
Tactical Link Convertible Bungee QD Tactical Sling For AR Style Rifles

Tactical Link Convertible Bungee QD Tactical Sling For AR Style Rifles

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Converts From 2 Point Bungee Sling To A Single Point Bungee Sling For AR Style Rifles
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Tactical Link Convertible Bungee QD Tactical Sling For AR15 Style Rifles

The best of both worlds - single point and 2 point. The Convertible Bungee QD Tactical Sling For AR15 Style Rifles is both a single point sling and a 2 point sling - depending on how you configure it. The ambidextrous Convertible Bungee QD Tactical Sling For AR15 Rifles can be run as a 2 point sling, and in an instant, can quickly be converted to a single point sling by detaching the swivel connector from the front of the weapon and attaching it to the QD triglide at the back of the sling. The QD triglide allows you to leverage the best of both sling types, enabling you to rapidly convert your sling between single point mode for more maneuverability and 2 point mode for extra stability.

Strongest bungee sling on the market: made with 4 bands of elastic cord, the Convertible Bungee Sling absorbs the shock and forces from your body during high impact activities i.e. fast roping, running, jumping and keeps your rifle off the deck and out of the dirt, and provides exceptional weapon retention and support without being a wet noodle (like other bungee slings). With 14 inches of firm stretch the Convertible Bungee Sling provides unprecedented muzzle striking reach and really pulls your weapon back into your shoulder for a firm mount. If you can not bench press 80 lbs you should not buy this sling. Seriously.

Maneuverable and secure: the Convertible Bungee Sling allows you to run your gun as the environment dictates, leveraging the maneuverability of a single point sling and the stability of a 2 point sling. Unlike other convertible slings, ours does not leave unused straps hanging from your weapon when not in use. Do not settle for a sling that restricts your movements or one that compromises your safety with its limitations. If you have to pull on a strap or squeeze a buckle for the sling to fit you correctly you need to ditch that sling.

Military grade: the Convertible Bungee Sling is made from the finest 1.25 inch mil spec nylon webbing available. Everything about the Convertible Bungee Sling exemplifies our enduring commitment to build the best quality products for law enforcement and military operators. Ambidextrous. Light weight. Strong. Comfortable. Silent. One size fits most - best fits those with chests 44 inch and larger. For those with smaller chests, or those who prefer the rifle to ride high and tight, we recommend the non bungee model.

Easy to use: the battle proven Convertible Bungee QD Tactical Sling features 2 release mechanisms: the swivel connector and a quick release buckle (QRB). In a state of convenience, the swivel connector allows you to connect / disconnect your weapon from your sling, which is especially handy for those who frequently get in and out of vehicles. The QRB is easily and naturally indexed by your non dominant hand and allows you to dump your weapon in emergency situations. It is the best convertible bungee sling on the market for AR style rifles. Completely ambidextrous and can be installed for a left handed person. The sling's ideal length is easily adjusted (and set) using 3 separate length adjusters, without having extra webbing hanging loose.

Included items
- Convertible Bungee QD Tactical Sling with a black Quick Disconnect 2 To 1 Point Sling Convertible Triglide
- Two (2) heavy duty 1.25 inch swivel connectors (1 front, 1 rear)
- Sling mount(s) are sold separately

- For best results, we recommend you use the Convertible Bungee Sling with a front and a rear QD sling mount, which are sold separately.
- For a convertible bungee sling equipped with a MASH hook (instead of a swivel connector), check out the other Convertible Slings we offer.

Satisfaction guaranteed. We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with this product that we have protected your purchase with our 30 day money back guarantee.
California residents: this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

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