Success in competitive shooting depends on many factors — taking aim, controlling recoil, reloading quickly. However, even if you handle these aspects with aplomb, you will never emerge victorious unless you keep your eyes on the prize. Thankfully, high-tech accessories can help with all of these issues. AR-15 tactical lights, also known as weapon lights, can help.

These gadgets are essentially flashlights that can be mounted atop rifles. You can use them to illuminate the way in night-time hunts, under thick canopies, or any situation where sunlight is scarce. Weapon lights even assist with your aim, shining on the area into which you would shoot.

Anyone dedicated to being or becoming a shooting professional should only pick up the best accessories and the best models of said accessories. To help you make the right decision, we have compiled a list of the best weapon lights for AR-15s.

InForce WMLx Gen 2

Inforce, a brand from Emissive Energy Corp specializing in weapons accessories, found critical and financial success with the first iteration of the InForce WMLx. This model was itself a new take on the company’s WML weapon light. The next generation of this product was even better, raising the bar for all future rifle lighting features.

How, exactly, does it stand out in comparison to the rest? Its ease of use, for one. The WMLx Gen 2 is designed with an integrated rail clamp, which makes mounting much quicker and simpler. The light itself turns on with the flick of a switch, just like the fixtures in your home. It casts a large beam with a wide diameter over a long reach. In short, it does everything a weapon light should do, but mostly better.

Ozark Rifle Light

The Ozark Rifle Light has its share of downsides, which we feel the need to mention first. Actually mounting it on the rifle can be a bit trickier than others, and the remote pressure pad’s different light buttons are not that intuitive. It is not even waterproof. Despite all this, the Ozark Rifle Light still has enough power, brightness, and durability to stand with the other products on this list.

Perhaps its greatest advantage, and the main reason it joins our list, is its price. Other items on this list may cost between three and six times as much as this one. There may be a few trade-offs as a result. Still, it is ideal for shooters who want the benefits of a state-of-the-art weapon light without breaking the bank.

Streamlight Polytac LED

Streamlight makes lighting accessories for people in all kinds of professions and for all kinds of uses. According to their About page, their designs are based on their own experiences: “We go through firefighters' training. We take courses in low-light shooting. We're hunters, fishermen, outdoor and sports enthusiasts.” That may go some way to explaining why they threw so much into the Streamlight Polytac LED, a product designed for AR-15s.

This weapon accessory offers multiple modes of light output, and users can choose based on the situation. Some modes offer higher levels of brightness, but using lower ones can substantially prolong battery life. Also worth mentioning is the nylon polymer material, which is quite durable. The weapon light is both waterproof and shock-resistant. These are only a few major reasons for why the Streamlight Polytac LED is so impressive.

Monstrum Tactical LED Flashlight

Some flashlights are much brighter than others. While the others on this list all range between 300 and 600 lumens, the Monstrum Tactical LED Flashlight does not even crack 100. With only 90 lumens’ worth of brightness, it is not of much use in hunting or outdoor competitions. It is, however, more than enough to light your way in your living space, making it excellent for home defense.

This weapon light is made with lightweight aluminum material, allowing you to strap it onto your rifle with ease without burdening your hand muscles much. Perhaps better still, it can latch onto pretty much anything with a Picatinny or Weaver rail system. If your AR-15 is not the most convenient weapon in a dangerous situation, you could attach it to other rifles or even handguns.

SureFire M Series Scout Light

If you need a sure bet, then the SureFire M Series Scout Light may just be your best option. This company went above and beyond, rethinking their approach to the different aspects of the weapon light. Just consider its thumbscrew mount. It is quite easy to attach, which is great, but arguably better still is that it is not greedy. The mount takes up little rail space compared to other weapons lights, leaving room for additional accessories.

More unusual is the light source itself. The Scout Light consists of a total internal reflection (TIR) lens, designed to manipulate the scientific phenomenon that gives the lens its name. When light hits something, some particles will reflect back at certain angles. If the light source includes a lens like this, it will reflect those particles again, creating a more powerful light with greater efficiency. In short, the Scout Light’s beam uses less power, yet creates a broader and brighter light source.

This item may be pricier than others mentioned in this article. However, the pros will tell you that it is worth the additional features, refined design, and exceptional performance. All of these qualifications and more make the SureFire M Series Scout Light among the most acclaimed by publications, professionals, and casual shooters alike.

Weapon Light Mounts and Other AR-15 Accessories

Weapon lights are more than just strapping a headlight onto an AR-15. These sophisticated gadgets utilize innovative technology to fire a powerful beam, maintain long battery life, and stay strong in all climates. In short, it not only gives shooters the illumination they may need but also enough toughness to keep up with them.

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