Have you ever wondered whether the price you pay for ammunition at an Armory is fair or not? Did you know that you end up paying a premium over the real price of the ammo?

Well, if you thought it was the seller’s margin, know that it isn’t. You are actually paying him/her a cut for selling a never perishable (if properly stored) product in retail!

The wise always would have bought it at wholesale rates, but the wiser would think of even more economical means. An avid shooter will always be watching the costs and working on finding a happy balance between quality, volume, and cost.

Know that buying bullets at a wholesale price from a retailer won’t help you save much. If you are looking forward to saving money on your purchase, the best way to go about it is to order your pack in bulk online. Bulk order comes with a lot of advantages than saving some extra pennies which you can even invest in buying accessories that can buy you a close shot.

Before we get into discussing the benefits of buying ammo online, know that buying ammo online is not as easy as it sounds. If you happen to place an order without proper knowledge about your ‘eligibility’ criterion, you will end up paying the restocking charges of the eRetailer.

Every retailer has some ammunition shipping restrictions they stick on to. Let us take a sneak peek into these criteria well before you are on par with the advantages it offers. It makes sense, right?

What are the eligibility criteria to order ammo online?

  1. Age - You should be at least 21 to place an order for handgun ammunition and 18 for rifle ammunition
  1. Not an ex-convict - You should not have a history of domestic abuse, drug abuse or being sued for violence. You should also not be clinically proven to be chemically doped under any circumstances in any jurisdiction.
  1. Location - Online sale of ammunition is restricted in some regions in the US. For instance, online ammo sales are not available in New York City, or its five Boroughs since 2014. Cities of Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, or Avalon have also banned online arms sales. Ideally, before you purchase ammunition, have a look at the laws & regulations.
  1. Legal restraints - If you have any legal restrictions for holding, ordering, owning, or transferring ammunition, you are not eligible to order ammo online.
  1. Mental stability - If you have been under medication or treatment for any mental illness, be it major or minor you don’t stand a chance for online purchase. You should not be ordering it to the post office address of course.

Know that you should pass each of the previously mentioned criteria to be eligible for online purchase. If you think you can bypass, you will only end up paying the service charge for the seller. The E-tailer will have their orders cancelled and you will be charged a 5% restocking fee. Be aware of these rules and any local legislation and not get yourself into trouble.

Now that you made sure you are not ending up in a loss, you are ready to take advantage of buying your ammunition online.

What are the advantages of buying ammo online?

  1. Cheap ammo - Don’t get offended. We meant a better cost per round. When you buy in bulk quantity, there are high chances that you will get a better price per round.
  1. Negotiation - When you are purchasing in bulk, your e-tailer will be more likely to negotiate on the table. You are getting the luxury to choose your price. Don’t let it go in vain.
  1. Time and shipping -You would have seen the shipping charges printed on the invoice. Ever bothered to multiply it by the number of rounds it would make in a wholesale deal? You surely won’t have. If you did, you should know the difference it makes already. Trust me it’s a great saving in the shipping charges you can make.
  1. Unmatched selection - The bulk quality purchase brings you an unlimited selection in a plate for you to choose from. Different brands, different products will let you better shortlist your ammo based on price and quality standards. You will also get a chance to bid and make lucrative deals with your wholesale dealer.

Let us give you a piece of free advice, storing these bulk orders could turn out to be a double-edged sword. Ammunitions that are stored in poor conditions can damage firearms and can also hurt those who fire them. If you don’t have a storage unit, we recommend you avoid the big purchase.

Where should you buy your ammo from?

 Whether you are a hunter or target shooter you have to find a reliable source for your ammunition. Be it 9mm luger in cases of 1000 rounds, 7.62 for the AK enthusiast, .45ACP, .308 ammunition or ammunition for AR15 style rifles the stock should always be readily available with the online store. It should be the primary objective that should be met by your online source.

Secondly, it should have a better collection than at the stores. Searching from a limited collection won’t make a difference in your choice to buy online right?

Last and not least the store should help you save time and money. The webpage should be well designed and sketched for you to access, enquire and order it in no time. Offers & discounts should be a matter of concern and shouldn’t be the only one. The delivery time should be also taken into account. A good seller will make sure you get the delivery in 2 to 3 days.

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