So, you own this beautiful AR-15 that proudly sits in your collection of prized possessions. And while those around you admire it and shower you with compliments for investing in the firearm, as they should, you can’t help but think about the relationship you share with your rifle.

Lately, your AR bolt release/catch has something called… performance issues!

From experiencing reloading problems to loose attachments, there are myriad unavoidable issues. So, what if someone told you that you could fix it with a simple and affordable enhanced battery assist lever?

What is a battery assist lever?

As the name suggests, a battery assist lever is a lever that is used to improve the performance, speed, and efficiency of your AR bolt catch. It helps you enhance your weapon’s reloading without switching hands.

If you are experiencing a stoppage malfunction, an enhanced battery assist level or EBAL can help you in clearing the issue, allowing you to control the firing.

Tactical Link battery assist lever also has a good grip. Being larger and thicker than its competing products, the EBAL is big enough for you to easily spot it in your peripheral vision while you are using your rife, to catch hold of it without any of the usual struggles.

Why is the Tactical Link battery assist lever perfect for you?

If you are actively trying to improve your firearms, betting your weapon’s future on Tactical Link enhanced battery assist lever can actually help you extend its life. Made from high-quality material, the product not only adds functionality but also adds value to your weapon. Here’s why the Tactical Link battery lever is still the best around.

· Reduces malfunctions

Besides having an ergonomic design, which is dictated by the users’ fingers, the EBAL fulfills its purpose of reducing the malfunctions in your rifle. If your rifle stops firing even when it isn’t out of ammo, you know there are definitely some performance issues with it. Tactical Link EBAL allows you to lift the lever with your trigger finger and pull back the charging handle without switching hands. Whether you are barehanded or wearing gloves, you can use the self-centering finger index function to your rescue. 

· Improves reloading

When caught in a perilous situation, you need faster results. You can’t wait to find the bolt on your rifle. The time you will take to locate it can knock you out of the battle. Tactical Link enhanced battery assist lever allows you to save yourself in just two seconds. The size of the lever is 48% bigger than its previous version, enabling faster indexing, which leads to an improved reloading time. Because the recess for your trigger finger is tighter and more stable, the lever offers additional aid to the shooter and promotes more user-friendliness.

· Flawless finish and aesthetically pleasing

Tactical Link battery assist lever has a Cerakote finish, which helps offer your weapon a beautiful facelift. You can also choose your preferred color instead of settling for the commonly found black lever.

The accessory also doesn’t experience any snagging or wobbling issues because of its design and build. Most importantly, the lever doesn’t rub against any of the parts of the lower receiver, making it more comfortable for you to use the rifle.

Additionally, you should consider the Tactical Link battery assist level if you have an eye for aesthetics. The straight lines on the lever are visually pleasing and the logo is also embossed in a way that it complements the design of your AR-15.

· Fits perfectly

The Tactical Link battery assist level was designed with wider frame lower receivers, so it works perfectly for your AR-15. Unlike with other levers, you don’t have to struggle to install this EBAL. Because of our Triple Screw Retention System, as soon as you install it, the battery assist lever gets its grip, offering you a super-tight solid fit.

· Easy installation

The product comes with a set of accessories to make the installation process easy for you. You can easily install the battery assist lever on the bolt paddle, place the clamp over the lever and secure it using the hex key, a set screw, and two mounting screws with Loctite. It’s that simple! But if you get stuck, you can always pop the instruction manual open to do it right.

All things considered; the Tactical Link battery assist lever is an amazingly easy to use product that enhances the efficiency of your firearm. It is also incredibly affordable. All you need to do is avoid over torquing or going over its fifteen pounds torque limit to enjoy an affordable yet high-performing EBAL for your precious weapon.