In the year 2013, two brothers Aron and Adam Schefter set out to design a new AR magazine, as they were not satisfied with the various mags in the market. They knew they could build a better mag. March of that same year, they presented their prototype to the key players and were met with a positive response. Without much ado, the brothers started looking for sources to begin manufacturing the product. 

They rolled out their innovative magazine line in March 2014. They received an overwhelming amount of orders and became the first in the industry to give a lifetime warranty.

Today, Hexmag has created a niche for itself in the rifle industry, with its toughness, durability, and performance.

The Hexmag AR Magazines have proven that they deliver reliability and great strength. The Hexmag AR15 magazine is one of the best in the sporting rifle market. It comes with a design pattern that not only maximizes grip but also provides good performance and durability.

Hexmag Features

Hexmag has some salient features, which make it one of the most dependable magazines. Its special features are:

  • Only product in the market with a lifetime warranty.
  • Built to support long-term loaded storage. It contains a stainless steel spring.
  • It has a hexagonal surface pattern (a patented design) for an enhanced grip.
  • With the AR15 mag, Hexmag introduced a new ID system – HexId. It is the first colored ammunition identification system in the rifle industry. Magazines are color-coded according to the caliber so they can be changed quickly. There is a range of six bright colors available.
  • The design makes it easy to clean, and unloading is done quickly.

A Quick Review of the Hexmag


The front part of the mag body has extra relief. This enables compatibility with other rifles with designs that are slightly different from AR15.

The Uniqueness of the HexID System

Color coding the spring guides and followers is an innovative idea. You no longer have to depend on tapes for identifying different magazines. Magazines come in six bright colors – Blackout, Nimbus Blue, Hazard Yellow, Zombie Green, Lava Red, Hexmag Orange, and Panther Pink. 


The first and the most recommended test for any ammunition is the ‘run over it with a deuce and a half’ test. If you unload the magazines and run over them at approximately 30 miles an hour, they aren’t affected much. You will probably find just a few scrapes here and there.

For the second test, load the magazines with 20 rounds of Bear ammunition. Now run over them at the same speed as before. The results of this test are not as positive as the previous one. It cracks severely along the spine, and it becomes unusable. This test was a fail! However, all-polymer AR15 magazines exhibit susceptibility to this kind of failure.

*Note: Running over the magazines when they are loaded, is not recommended if you want to use the magazines later.

Third, the shooting test is something the Hexmag AR15 easily passes. Shots fire quickly. There are no problems with speed and functioning. 


Usage of steel cased ammo is a cause of certain problems like failure to feed or failure to fire. The good thing here is Hexmag is a polymer mag. Its body is fully polymer. Its follower is made with a steel spring. This means that the Hexmag works fine irrespective of the kind of ammo used. 

Tactical Use

The usage of ‘tactical gear’ has increased and is becoming more popular among people. Today, companies want to offer good grips for all kinds of ammunition. Hexmag offers a grip tape that perfectly matches the hexagonal design on the body of the mags. 

What are the tactical accessories they offer? Hexmag offers many colors for the base plate button release and the followers. This means that your mags are color-coded, and you can easily differentiate the M193 ammo from the match grade bench ammo. Forget worrying about mixing up the two!

Excellent Colors to Choose

Hexmagoffers four exciting colors to choose from – black, dark grey, olive black, and tanned black. You are spoilt for choice as all four colors look dope!


The Hexmag has thinner walls because of the matrix-like pattern formed by the hexagonal design. Therefore, it is light. At the same time, it is not brittle. It is quite the opposite. It feels sturdy and strong. It is made from a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer. Therefore, it is lighter than any other AR15 mags in the market. The polymer can withstand many torture tests. 

The magazine has sharp mold lines that are well placed. This provides proper housing for the ammunition. It also enhances the grip.

Texture and Grip Tape

The texture isn’t the classic old school grip tape. The body has got a rubbery finish. You can peel and stick the grip tape (which comes pre-cut) on it, and the Hexmag will be able to hold the stickiness. The grip tape is self-adhesive. Other notable properties are it is waterproof and resists abrasion to a great extent. 

The grip tape comes in 2 colors black and grey. One sheet sufficiently covers both sides of the mag’s body. Pulling a mag out of a gun or a holster is easier as there is more of a tactile grip. They are available in matching or contrasting colors. 

Stainless Steel Spring

When silicon steel springs or music wire is used, there is a risk of corrosion. The stainless-steel spring system resists corrosion. It is heat-treated, which ensures the safe storage of a loaded magazine for the long term. 

Hexmag vs Pmag

When it comes to the top-quality products in the market, Magpul’s line of magazines is one of the best. Therefore, the comparison ofHexmag AR15 with the Magpul is inevitable. The inside of the mag body has a constant curvature in both cases. 

The HX-30 AR differs from the Pmag in the way the tower is designed. The feed lips are thicker. The design of the anti-tilt follower is different. The Hexmag also differs in feed geometry and bullet guide ribs.

When you apply the torture test to the Pmag, the results aren’t much different from that of Hexmag’s. Pmag, too, cannot withstand running over the magazines while they are loaded. 

Although the results of various tests and features of the Hexmag are largely positive, one need not sell off one’s current Pmag stock to buy the new Hexmag. Both are almost similar in functioning. 

However, if you are looking to buy new magazines, you may consider investing in a Hexmag. While listed at a cheaper price, they work just as well as Magpul!