Rifle shooters are constantly looking for advanced rifle parts to upgrade their shooting game. The red dot sight is one such wonder product that tops the list of most rifle shooters.

The installation process of a red dot sight on your rifle is quite simple, only if you know what exactly needs to be done and how. Most new shooters are scrolling through web pages and sites to look for the most trusted mounting practices. Not only can these be confusing, do not fall prey to any random steps which can ruin your new red dot sight.

Wondering how to mount a red dot sight most flawlessly? We have compiled some expert suggested tips and tricks which can help you install a new red dot sight to your firearm effectively.

Step 1: Use Thread Locker

Use a thread locker on the screws of your mount which are used to attach the red dot to your rifle. The first step is to add a drop of the blue lock tight onto your threads. Putting this on the thread will ensure that the screws are aptly snugged when you will tighten it in further steps. This also secures the optic right in its place. 

Tip: Avoid using the red Loctite it permanently locks your screws in their place which is not reversible later. Instead, you can use Blue Loctite to mount optics that can hold your screws in place without locking them in permanently.

Step 2: Place the optic on Rifle

The second step is to now place the red dot sight on the forward end of your rifle top rail. Now you might wonder why we are choosing a forward mount on our red dot sight? Well, the answer is that it is always better to have some extra rail space behind the red dot scope to mount backup iron sights, magnifiers, etc. in addition, this also extends the eye relief of the red dot sights for better visibility of the surroundings. 

Step 3: Push the Optic Forward

The final step involves pushing the red dot optic in the forward direction. This is because the mount is not a perfect fit for the Picatinny rail slots which causes a certain level of wiggles. This makes the optics work forward on firing your rifle. To fix this, you simply need to push the optic forward and then tighten it. Once you mount the red dot sight perfectly, it stays in that place on the rifle. 

You can finally zero your new red dot sight for an accurate shooting experience. 

So the next time you are looking for easy, simple-to-follow steps on how to mount a red dot sight, follow the above-mentioned 3 steps completely.
To understand things better, let us dive into some great advantages when you perfectly forward your mount on your optic: 

  • Greater field of view
The view of the surroundings gets much more clearer and perfect once you forward your mount. This most essentially allows the shooter to see better from the optics. In addition, it also allows one to see outside and stay more aware.
  • Ability to mount the backup iron sights behind the optic
Although you do not need backup sights very often, there can be immediate situations where a backup sight can prove quite useful. When the batteries on your red dot optics get drained, these come in handy. 
  • Ability to mount magnifier behind the optic

Once you complete your process, you can efficiently mount a magnifier behind the optic. Wondering how this can help? Well, although you use the red dot optics mostly for close ranges, adding the magnifier will make it more efficient and reliable even from a distance.

Having listed down all the steps you need to take to correctly mount your new red dot sight, we have surely made the job easy for you. Get set to improve the aim of your rifle by leaps and bounds. So get set and kick off your advanced rifle shooting experience with advanced features. Hope you have some great fun at the shooting range!

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