Lancer Systems magazines are gaining some real traction all around, and for all the right reasons. If you like quality, Lancer magazines are surely going to be the right magazine for you.

Due to the quality construction, Lancer magazines have found favor with shooters, law enforcement, enthusiasts, competitive shooters and more.

So today, we bring you all the right reasons why the Lancer magazines are the new popular set of magazines in the world obsessed with polymer AR 15 magazines.

Sit back and read it out as your next hunting and shooting session is going to be much better, efficient and exciting with the Lancer magazines.

1.Hardened Steel Feed Lips

Lancer magazines are not the only magazine to have metal feed lips but they are the only ones that have hardened steel feed lips which makes for reliable feeding and durability because not all magazines (when ejected) fall onto their base plate.

2.Non Tilt Follower & Stainless Steel Spring

Lancer magazines have a reputation for being the best made magazine on the market and their non tilt following and stainless steel spring have a lot to do with their reputation. If you want the best in reliability, function, and proper feeding look no further than Lancer and Tactical Link carries Lancer magazines.

3.Transparent / Translucent Bodies

Some Lancer magazines are built with transparent or translucent bodies so you can quickly and easily see how much ammo is left in your magazine. That can be very important feature. Tactical Link carries these Lancer magazines.

4.Toolless Disassembly Procedure

The toolless disassembly feature in the Lancer mags is something that will surely gain your attention. One will find a square-shaped button on the latch plate of the magazine. This button is easily depressed with the tip of a bullet.

When one needs to remove the magazine’s parts for routine maintenance or for any other reason, this button comes in handy. Moreover, the magazine in the spring is stainless steel, which won’t corrode easily.

5.Aggressive Texturing

Apart from the innovative and many impressive features like already discussed, there’s another feature waiting for you - the molded in aggressive texturing. The magazine's body gives you amazing gripping ability and in a variety of nasty conditions.

6.Light-Weight and Strong

The Lancer comes with thinner walls which make for the strength of the magazine. While the thin and light plastic makes it seem like the magazine’s walls might be brittle and weak, it is quite the opposite. The polymer-based magazine wall is in fact the lightest AR 15 magazine available these days.

Its mold lines are well-defined and sharp which again, provides for a better grip for you and a well-made housing for your ammunition.

7.Accessories on the way!

The Lancer brand is vying to venture out into the accessories field now. This list of AR accessories includes extended base plates.

So, if you are planning to buy the Lancer magazines, be ready as there are a variety of accessories coming your way.

8.Value For Money

Not everything good has to be expensive. The Lancer magazine is surely one of the best looking and most efficient magazines in the market right now. While its list of impressive features might make it look like it costs a fortune, it actually doesn’t. From veterans to professional shooters, Lancer is gaining quite a reputation amongst its users.

While all of this actually helps Lancer sell itself, its the value for money that makes the larger chunk of these advantages!


As mentioned above, Lancer comes with a stainless steel spring which makes it harder to corrode and keeps it in shape. Nobody likes a week spring that causes feed issues.

Moreover, the polymer body makes it stronger and much lighter than the competing AR 15 mags out there. So, your next shooting day goes without hiccups and unforeseen magazine issues. What else an avid shooter or hunter needs?

Conclusion | Lancer Mags - The Way To Go

While the Lancer magazine comes with a variety of features and benefits, many shooters are compelled to compare it with Magpul’s PMag line of magazines.

While it does share some similarities with it, there are some unbeatable features that make the Lancer magazine a bargain.

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