A red dot sight can make all the difference when aiming to get that perfect shot.

It can be explained as an optical accessory on a firearm, that makes the shooter take a better, precise shot using the red dot that gives the context of the target in question. These devices are quite common and are gaining popularity quite rapidly.

These devices operate quite simply by using an LED light to create a target easier to destroy.

While the perfect shot is an amalgamation of the right firearm, the shooter, the skills and your ammunition working in tandem with one another.

So, when it comes to choosing the correct red dot sight, do you need to keep some things in mind? Well, definitely. We, at Tactical Link, know what suits you best and how to provide the best accessories to you.

Here’s a definitive guide on how to choose the red dot sight that suits your firearm like it should.

How Do Red Dot Sights Work?

Red dot sights have been in the game for quite some time now. They are being used since 1945 and were installed in aircraft during World War 2.

However, the modern-day red dot sight has come a long way. The sights being used these days consist of a battery that powers a LED. This LED projects the light on a concave lens, which has a special coating that helps your eyes identify the illuminated point.

There have been certain developments to the red dot sight as well. Devices like holographic sights tend to be more durable and accurate.

Factors While Choosing The Red Dot Sight For Your Firearm

  • Reticle Size

The size of the article of your sight can matter a lot. Contrary to, as in a riflescope, the red dot sight reticles won’t appear sharp and crisp. The dots might look a little hazy at times, and might even differ from one person to another. 1 MOA (minutes-of-angle) reticles or even 2 ROAs are quite easy to aim and shoot precisely.

  • Reticle Type
Now that we’ve got the perfect size of the reticle, let’s get the perfect type of reticle for our firearms, shall we?

Reticles come in different shapes & sizes with itching having its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most common forms of reticles are dots, circles, crosshairs, chevrons, triangles, hash marks, and more.

Moreover, there’s a set of permutations and combinations available for these as well.

  • Field of View
A larger field of view is always better when you’ve got targets to hit. When choosing a red dot sight for your firearm, always ensure you get one that gives you a wider sight of your field ahead.

Many sights tend to have a lot of dead space due to thick housings. While this does provide a certain degree of ruggedness to the sight, it hampers the view.
  • Brightness Levels

If you are going for sight, you might as well choose one whose brightness can be controlled.

A red dot sight, in which you can dial down or amp up the level of brightness can make or break your accuracy when taking that perfect shot.

  • Batteries

Always go for battery-powered red dot sights. Red dot sights need power for the reticle to illuminate.

Do note that these batteries might die faster during winters. So, it’s always preferred to keep a spare set of batteries with you at all times. However, it is stated that red dot sights do not consume an unfathomable amount of power and hence can last 10,000 hours in a single set of batteries.

  • Durability

These red dot sights need to survive the toughest of the weather. Hence, it always makes sense to go for the sights which are quality-oriented and durable in the long run. Our team at Tactical Links will help you choose the best red dot sight, in accordance with your needs.

  • Magnifier Compatibility

Red dot sights don’t have a magnifier inbuilt. In case you tend to install a magnifier on your red dot sight down the line, do consult the team at the store. Ensure that you buy a sight that is compatible with a magnifier.

  • Night Vision Compatibility

Check for your dot sight’s feasibility as a night vision sight. Adding a night vision device with an incompatible sight can make the sight unusable in no time. 

Why Should You Go For A Red Dot Sight?

In the last few years, red dot sights have increased in popularity. This is due to their ease of usage and lower prices. Red dot sights have gained popularity amongst firearms enthusiasts due to their flexibility over iron sights and fixed power optics. Adding on to the benefits is the capability of these sights to work well in close quarters. The target acquisition using a red dot sight becomes much faster and easier, over open sights.

Moreover, since they can be used with both the eyes open, it has gained fandom for better situational awareness and a wider field of view amongst enthusiasts.

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