Rifle enthusiasts are often found window shopping and exploring different hardware shops for finding the right components and parts to enhance shooting experiences. Understanding how to find a gas block for your AR15 is a great idea when you are aiming to enhance the quality of the game and perfect your target. 

The gas block is one such essential component of your AR15 that can make or break your game. Finding what size the gas block should be is the primary step to achieving this performance goal. 

The current article will intend to highlight the importance of finding the right size of the gas block for your AR15, explore certain options and spill the beans on where to lay your hands on superior quality AR15 rifle components and accessories. 

So let's get started! 

What is a Gas Block?

To help understand its importance better, let us first start with the basics - A perfect sized gas block on your AR15 which is primarily located beneath the handguard (and between the upper and front sights) is placed over a hole in the top of the barrel. On firing the rifle, some pressure that pushes the bullet forward actually travels upwards into the gas block and then back through the gas tube into the chamber. 

Why is finding out what size gas block to choose for AR15 important?

No doubt, AR15 is one of the most customizable rifles out there in the market. Nevertheless, finding what size gas block for AR15 is the right size is crucial. Doing this for your AR15 is a must. Especially, if you are into competing at events then customizing and upgrading your AR15 rifle with the perfect fit and good quality parts or components is a rational and wise decision. 

Even in the civilian markets (that look out for these rifles for varied purposes), AR15s with good customized parts are one of the most trusted and reputed firearms to date.

Different configurations can be assembled for your AR15s by tailoring the rifle as per your performance needs. What you must ensure is the compatibility of every component or part. High-performance levels can be achieved with effective gas block selection.

Different components can serve varied purposes. For instance, some people prefer certain models for their aesthetic appeal, others go for a more personal preference. Some shooters have a desire to attain better functionality, while the reliability of the gun is the main agenda for many. A gas block of the right size can do wonders for your AR15. 

How to do it right - determining what size gas block to go for your AR15?

Determining the right size gas block for upgrading your rifle can be tricky. Nevertheless, this is a necessary step. 

When you are in the process of looking at a gas block offline at the market or online, you need to check a few parameters. 

For instance, the inner diameter, the width of your barrel, barrel size, etc. are essential factors to consider. This can help you save time generally wasted going to and fro to your gunsmith for size alterations. 

For determining the correct size gas block start with good quality calipers to measure the diameter of the barrel for the existing block. This will give you the perfect size gas block for your AR15. 

In addition, it is always a wise decision to explore some more variety of gas block options that have their loyal fan base across markets:

1. Adjustable gas blocks

What an adjustable gas block does to your AR15 is that it gives you the freedom of upgrading that improves performance greatly. This upgrade will help you in adapting to the different pressure variations when you change the ammo. 

It will function by reducing the overgassing in addition to extending the component life. This can act in a beneficial way for your AR15. 

  1. Lightweight gas blocks

    This can serve as a great blessing for your R15! Wondering how? Well, think about the extra weight that you keep adding to your AR15 when you customize it with new products and components. This can hamper your performance. 

Isn’t it? What can save you from this added weight is a lightweight gas block which adds minimal weightage to the overall weight of your gun. This is an added advantage when you are competing. 

  1. Low profile gas blocks

    In case your rifle has a customized free-floating rail system (this increases precision by leaps and bounds), the next wise step is to be sure of having a low-profile gas block to attain the perfect fit. Lay your bet on the low-profile gas blocks for sure. 

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